I had a strange dream last night:

I was in a white-walled, furnished apartment and my friend Jenny was giving birth. I was overjoyed and realized the babies were mine even though she and i had not slept together (hear that, Jenny? We DIDN’T so don’t get grossed out). She thought she was just having one, but it turned out to be fraternal twins. Within a few minutes though, she had disappeared and i was told (not sure by whom, but heard a voice) to help by wrapping the babies up in some cloth. I found some next to me, noticing the texture of it was unlike anything i had ever felt. As soon as i had wrapped the boy and girl in it, the blood and birth fluids (gross) had disappeared and they were very clean and healthy looking-cute even. 

My old friend Mike had appeared and held the boy for me while i held the girl; we unrolled some wool blankets and a sheep skin blanket to put the infants on to sleep. I was still in a state of disbelief over what had all happened-how it happened. I walked over to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth (everyone’s favorite random activity) and used Mike’s but told him i would give him 5 dollars to get some more. I looked down at the floor and noticed all kinds of “stuff” on it from the birth, how it got all over the floors is beyond me. The baby boy appeared in my arms, wrapped up and i stared at him for a moment. He opened his eyes and we stared at eachother. I had never seen blue in someone’s eyes like that before. I gave him his first name, which i cannot now remember but i do remember was somewhat common. I gave him a secret name attached to his regular one and i think it was “Ralphiel” (or some variation of Raphael). The girl, i gave a Gaelic name.

I was out in the living room now, still holding the little lad and a strange man showed up in front of me with a notepad. He took down the babies names and put in their name and nationality. The strange man had written down that the boy was part Russian even though i told him he was Scottish. He looked at the boy and said, “He does not have his red hair, he is not Scottish, this one has Russian in him.” At that moment, the girl was brought to me by someone i didn’t recognize and her hair had sprouted, colored with a vibrant red, with yellow-orange at the roots. The strange man looked at her, took down her Gaelic name i gave her and wrote down “Scottish” next to her name and disappeared.

I pulled out my cell phone and started texting everyone, including Jenny, that i was a dad and had twins. I was very excited and it wasn’t long before 2 of my friends, Sam and Alex, showed up. I was talking to them about how events had unfolded. While talking, the 2 children had grown. Quickly. They looked to be about 3 years old now and the girl’s hair was like fire, bright yellow and orange at the roots up to the middle and then colored darker toward the ends, ending in deep reds and the tips were black. The boy’s eyes were even bluer, he looked right at me and it looked as if his eyes were sapphires with the sun shining directly through them.

I left the house to go tell others about what had happened, leaving the little ones there for some reason. After a few hours, my parents met up with me and we were driving to this place called “B.R.’s” to get my nephew, Soren. I called in advance to make sure my kids were there but the owner had only put Soren on the phone to say hello. I became pretty nervous at this point because although Soren was there like he should have been, he didn’t mention my kids names so i was afraid they wouldn’t be there either. Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was on a lamp-lit street in some run down ghetto area at night. Standing by a cop car i noticed a bad man trying to get in, posing as a cop but i knew he wasn’t. I held up my gun, which had plastic casing and was all white, and ordered him out of the car. He complied so i yelled at him to put his hands on his head and then lie down. He did at first but then reached for his small black gun and i yelled at him to put it down. He didn’t listen so i shot him in the chest. He was shocked. A large crimson puddle stained his chest but he got up and began slowly walking toward me. He would not listen to my orders so over the course of a few minutes i ended up emptying the entire clip into his torso and 3 shots into his face. It didn’t phase him, in fact the more i shot him the less it hurt him. He continued his slow approach to me and i turned around and ran. We crossed a street and he ran to a blacked out apartment building, apartment building number 88 on Jay Street and Soliare (crossroads). 

I called 9-1-1 but was put on hold by the operator. I staked out by the building for a few hours and heard him yelling confessions form the window. I left and walked a few blocks away and it was suddenly morning. I scooped up a bunch of dirt and pebbles from a “reputable” drug-dealers front yard (if such a thing exists) and turned them to drugs. I headed back in the direction of that blacked out apartment throwing flat stones across the street which signified that i had drugs and was selling. An old, grey Lincoln car approached and the passenger rolled down the window, looked at what i had, felt it and left. I took off in the opposite direction and wound my way through the bad neighborhood, running so fast everything was blurred. i kept holding out the flat stones to see if anybody wished to buy from me but nobody did. I ran through an athletic field where people were hanging out and some playing sports. Only a few white people were there.

I approached an out-of-the-way field and ran past my childhood friend Colin Willard and turned around. We ran up to each other and hugged and caught up a bit He said he had graduated school with 200 credits and was now coaching a sports team. Something was off about him. We parted ways and i was suddenly in my grooming salon. As usual, i was joking around with everyone and Mia came in. She walked to the back door area where Dana was and they laughed about something and Dana licked her tongue a bit, which made me laugh. Mia then came over to hang out with me and reached around to my front and grabbed my chest and wrapped her legs around me. I just stood there with her on my back looking in the mirror. A customer came in and her kid walked right back with her and the dog. The dog, some kind of orange puppy jumped into my arms and Mia cursed at the customer for something, saying the word “fuck” and started to shake. Eventually the lady and her kid left and i took the dog. Jenny was beside me and joking with me about something and i just kept staring at her which made her uneasy but i found it funny.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was sitting next to some drawers talking with my friend Sam but she was not there. She was out somewhere but we were still able to talk. I opened one of the drawers and pulled out a newspaper clipping that had some text messages on it of mine and some facebook statuses. Below my status were comments from people i had known in my past. I looked at a few more newspapers and there were prophecies on them. I read through one of them and at the end, it stated that “Tectate is coming to pass”. (No idea if that is even a real word or not). I became very unsettled and nervous when i read this but continued reading. The next one warned of Tectate and the 6th root race (whatever that means) coming to an end with a great war following. Upon reading this, a giant, worn, old-world style map unfolded in front of me, made out of all of the newspapers. It looked like a normal map except there was a massive land formation in the shape of a Greek cross between the west and east-in the middle of the atlantic. I was in shock at seeing this and the room began to tremble. 

Everything was gone. I was in an empty room and could see no walls. I looked to my right and there was an individual laying on a table by themself. I heard some mumbling and took a few steps forward and suddenly i heard someone yelling to get an isotope reading on that person on the table. “Get us radiation readings!” he yelled. I could now hear the person better and they seemed to be in some kind of altered state of mind or trance. The yelling became louder the more the person on the table spoke and i heard them start to prophecy. The men yelling for radiation readings came into sight but kept their distance and demanded to know who was there (who was inside that person on the table).

“Identify yourself!” they screamed.

“No.” firmly responded the person/thing possessing the person.

“Identify yourself!”


“Identify yourself!”


The room crackled and popped and i heard a high pitched whining noise and the room began shaking. The walls crumbled and all of the men began bleeding from the eyes and ears and collapsed. A few tried to run but were crushed by the walls. I tried to run as well but the person laying on the table, who had not moved an inch throughout this whole ordeal, boomed the word “STAY!” and i couldn’t move. I got the feeling something or someone was staring at me and it intensified over the course of a few minutes. That feeling transformed into one of being surrounded-i’m not sure by what but there were a great many. I spun around and everything went black. Woke up.

I had a random dream last night:

I saw Coach Bombay from the Mighty Ducks dressed in a very nice suit standing in front of me. That’s all i can remember. Clearly the most entertaining dream. Are we ducks or what??!!