I had a strange dream last night:

I found myself in a church and walked into a very large bathroom of sorts. There was only a toilet in the room and i ripped it up out from the ground. No water came out and it didn’t weigh much. I walked out into the congregation area and ran past a minister, clad in white robes. I yelled that the toilet was mine and they had had it long enough. He gave chase but i outran him, right out of the double doors. 

I stopped after a few paces outside and looked back in and he was not there. A pool of blood grew up into the floor and there were all kinds of creatures around it and they seemed to be lounging. Something ran up behind me and sunk it’s teeth into my neck. The toilet turned into a gold coin, freeing up my hands and i reached behind me pulling her in front of me with her back facing my chest. I pulled her tight and squeezed as hard as i could, trying to suffocate her. Apparently she was a vampire and she turned around and bit me again, turning the bloody pool a watered down shade of red.

After struggling with her, i got control and another thing came up and bit the other side of my neck, turning the blood a dark red to the point of it being almost black. It was some kind of demon. I threw the gold coin into the blood pool and the demon disintegrated and the female vampire turned into this nympho and tried fucking me. I punched her in her face, causing her to stumble back and held my hand out, palm facing the double doors, and the gold coin arose from the blood and flew back into my hand-hitting my palm with a slap. This normalized the nympho vampiress.

I looked at my feet and the ground beneath me dissolved like sand in an hourglass and turned to deep waters with a bridge on all 4 sides. Someone appeared behind me and she could fly and swim very well. I looked at myself and was 6 times the size of my normal self and had no skin, instead i was covered in this metal/rock substance and was huge. She chased me, trying to get the coin and i grabbed her by the head, throwing her into the water. She swam back up and a smaller version of her ran out of her torso and jumped on me, biting me ears. I grabbed it by the neck, snapped it’s neck, and tossed it into the water. At that moment a genderless entity swooped down in front of me, keeping ahead by a few paces. It had giant white wings on its calf muscles and was explaining to the woman trying to get the coin, what the coin meant. I grabbed one of it’s wings and ripped it off, causing her calf to bleed profusely. She vanished and the bridge vanished with her. In the place of the bridge, giant white pillars shot up from the water and i jumped from each one. The woman who could fly became afraid and stopped chasing me because she was afraid of the pillars. I jumped across the last one and into this rope made of fire. It was absorbed into my torso and great amounts of smoke began coming off of my body. I woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

All went black and my head dropped off to the side. Slowly, horizontal black and white stripes came into focus and spun around me. They were every single color but black and white when i looked at them. I looked up and then down and in both directions and there was a void but at the same time there was everything that had ever been, is and will be, though i did not see any of it in picture form. I felt it. Nothing and everything was the same thing and i felt like i was in a sort of topless and bottomless cylindrical shape. It felt like i was being lifted from where i sat by a pair of hands, placed under my arms. The more i focused on the spinning stripes, the deeper i went into this feeling and the higher it brought me. 

I was aware of my surroundings but also of this other place in my head and i tried lifting my hand to touch the stripes that were in front of me. In my mind i did this but my physical hand went out a bit as well. I smiled because it felt like electricity was shooting into my fingertips from the stripes. My head jerked and i thrust my chin out to the right and my hands began to tremble and then grip the arms of the chair and my knee.

A hammer of incalculable size was pulled away from me by some sort of rope and then released. It hit me with a force so strong that the only word i understand enough to describe that force is “creation”. I shattered into a million little pieces and my eyes rolled back and started flittering. I watched this happen to myself but i wasn’t out of my body. I could see everything and hear everything and i sensed the skepticism, fear, and irritation of the people around me but i could not break out of this state i was in. I couldn’t directly interact in either state, i was suspended between them and i could only observe.

At this point, all visuals disappeared and i saw nothing-not even darkness. I felt everything happening around me instead of seeing. My head went back and my nails dug into my knee and the other hand gripped the arm of the chair even tighter and i became white-knuckled. My breathing became irregular and quick and my body shook and was very tight and flexed almost everywhere.

I felt as if i were being attacked to the point of leaning far back in my chair and looking away. There was a very hostile sensation going through my body but there was no physical pain to accompany it. Looking up i saw something leaning in toward me but it had no form. It’s “hands” were at my throat and a great weight penetrated my chest. Some time had passed and i became very angry over this and looked back right into the “eye” of it with a look of hurt and….absolute anger and disgust on my face, exhaling deeply as i pushed it off of me. After what seemed to be a few minutes of this, it dissipated immediately and i was hunched over in my chair, shaking, but with a look of what i believed to be peace as a feeling of ecstasy washed over me.

The rest i cannot seem to remember in it’s proper order but will do my best to describe. My body had not ceased shaking and tightening up, something came onto the porch, staring at me and spoke. I leaned forward, my head continued to cock to one side and then back very rapidly as i strained forward even more, listening so intently, though no audible words were spoken. It’s hand raised, everything disappeared and i watched a small bead of light gradually grow brighter. This bead was everything and nothing at the same time. Everything that had ever happened or been spoken or thought played out, as well as everything that is being done presently and what is possible in the future. A surge grew within me, my head shaking as tears welled up in my eyes and streamed down my face. I could hardly whisper the words “no”.

I was pushed back in my chair and my head continued to tilt side to side. My hand rose slightly and my head went back. I do not understand any words that can be used to explain what i saw and what was happening to me from this point onward but it made my breathing become very quick and shallow; it hurt but i kept reaching. My back was pushed in and my head almost all of the way back as i reached further up. After what seemed a very long time, it disappeared and i lowered my arm. It was on the porch in front of me still, still talking inaudibly and i was listening intently.

After some more time had passed (i think), i hunched over and it felt like i was coughing/vomiting but i wasn’t. A noise bellowed up from way back in my throat and came out as a growlish sound and then became gradually louder and breathy, causing my hands to dig into my legs. When it subsided, i became slightly more aware of my surroundings, my neck felt weak and i was staring upward with a glazed over look in my eyes-which weren’t flittering or rolled back anymore. The sensations that the striped wall had given me came back and over the course of what i assume must have been 30 minutes, i went back and forth between those sensations, listening to others that came to the porch, staring at them, leaning forward. I woke up.