I had a strange dream last night:

Stretched across a worn, dusty, massive plain, 2 armies, both of which number in the millions, stand opposite of each other.  A soot-colored, gargantuan mountain breathing smoke sits at the heels of the evil army.  The sky has absorbed the mood, showing off a thick mass of  rolling, low-hanging clouds, dark grey and sickly green in color.  On the horizon to the west, a faint glow breaks the doom of the ominous clouds, a pale light lingers, hugging the ground for survival.  The smell of sweat, horses, and iron fills the air around me, whereas drifting from the other side comes the smell of rot and mucus.

I unsheathe my sword slowly and can hear my heart pounding in my ears, the sound of my breath magnified by the helmet covering my head.  My horse utters a brief “neigh” and I look to the west, taking notice of the pale light reflecting off of the millions of helmets stretching out as far as the eye can see.  I hear the men clearing their throats, coughing, and shifting their feet.  All jaws are clenched as the thousand yard stare ensues, both sides contributing to the tension that you couldn’t cut with a knife if you so wished it.  Everything cuts to black.

A thousand “clangs” mix with a great roar and, as if opening my eyes, I can see again.  I am on my horse, sweeping across the battle field & shouting orders, cutting down my enemies all the while.  A white flag splattered in blood surges up from the thick of soldiers under attack.  I give my steed a light kick and run full speed into the group, plowing my way to the middle, and grab the flag.  A scream erupts behind me and a grotesque captain from the opposite side charges me.  I wait.  Everything moves in real time around me but the enemy captain and I are stuck in slow motion.  The ground rumbles beneath his clumsy, large feet.  My horse bull snorts and steps forward, eager to take him on, it seems.  I hold the flag over my shoulder and my focus narrows.  Beads of sweat fill my peripheral vision and slide off to the sides of my helmet.  A tingling feeling fills my groin.  The adrenaline.  Fear mixed with excitement.  A feeling of dominance surges through me, insistent that I overpower this thing that is easily twice my size.  A mere 20 feet from me, enraged, out of control, swinging his oversized axe behind his waist, nobody stops him.  15 feet.  With all of my strength, I launch the pole-end of the blood-splattered flag at him and, within the blink of an eye he stops dead in his tracks.  I hear him coughing, gasping for air over the clamor of war.  Blood bubbles up his throat and leaks from his mouth and he stares at me blankly.  My horse half-turns back and forth, raising its head up and down and the captain collapses to the ground with an earth-quaking thud.

A raucous chant splits through the plain, grabbing my attention.  Tens of thousands of unarmed, but well armored soldiers called “bullies” march toward us.  Swords are useless, as are spears.  I take off to the east side of the battle, calling out for the archers in the middle and rear of the formations to take aim and fire on my command.  Word spreads like wildfire through the ranks as the bullies march closer and in unison, the sound of stress from the twine and the wood sound off .  Upon screaming out “UNLEASH!!”, the whittling and spitting noise of tens of thousands of arrows tearing through the air seems to dwarf all other noises.  A second volley of arrows only slow the bullies down.  I quickly realize the futility of another attack and speed further east, booming out for the immediate formation of the cavalry.

Thunder shakes the earth as they line up, coming out from a passageway that leads deep into the eastern mountains.  I cannot count them due to the greatness of their numbers and they are clad in deep, richly colored gold robes with lightweight silver armor plating.  Their helmets are rounded with small, silver wings covering the ears and short plumes of white and black on the top.  The eye pieces are slanted to give an angry and intimidating appearance.  These men are not to be challenged.  I point forward and “CHARGE!” reverberates from the mountain behind us and speeds ahead.  Right as the bullies approach the front lines of my comrades, we hit the first “thick” of them, plowing through them to the end  of their numbers on the western side with relentless determination, confusing, separating, and trampling them.  It serves as enough of a punch that the swordsmen/spearmen charge in to cut them down as they scramble to realign/reform themselves.

With the bullies broken, I ride to the eastern mountain passage to meet with a few hundred elite soldiers.  They arm themselves as they see fit, each specializing in their own art of killing that compliments the others.  I adjust my breastplate as I await their readyness and glance back at the carnage.  Two thirds of my brothers in arms, are being slowly overwhelmed.  None of the special forces before me seem concerned, so confident they are that their actions on the field will turn the tide back in our favor.  A bush rustles behind me and as the figure emerges, I immediately recognize him.  It is Gandhi.  He hobbles to my horse and asks me how I think he would handle this situation.  I pause to consider the meaning of his question and then ask him to back up.  He smiles and does so.  Refusing to bow to or use nonviolent means against the evil we are fighting, I make a speech to the men present (the full contents of which I cannot recall so will not post) and every time I end a sentence with inspiration, the last word appears in the air in front of me in large, bold, white letters, followed by an exclamation point.  The men chant each of those words back to me in unison.  At the end of my speech, I give each of the men a look of confidence; at the last one, several elementary schoolmates of mine appear, smirking & shaking their heads, thinking I am being overly dramatic in my speech.  I ignore them, seeing the successful effect my speech has on the men and understanding that my classmates knew me as a child but not as the leader I was becoming.

The specialists pull out their battle horns and the largest one is handed to me.  We line up at the exit of the passageway and take a few seconds to observe the sight in front of us.  It is so dramatic.  Poetic.  Historic.  Beautiful & tragic.  The forces at the foot of that terrible black mountain have no idea that we are about to unleash absolute hell on them and chase them until every single one of them is lying motionless in their own blood.  I look back at the men one more time, then to the west, whose dying light is rapidly becoming brighter.  My horse rears on it’s hind legs and I blow into my horn, sending a crack up the side of the black mountain to the north; it is echoed by the hundreds of horns behind me.  We roar ahead, chanting together as loud as our voices permit, causing another crack to split the ground a few hundred feet ahead of us, out of which, a spring of water bubbles up.  The blinding light fully breaks in the west, causing a great flash.  I wake up.




I had a strange dream last night:

The warm, but dying glow of old librarian lamps meekly filled the darkness surrounding the desktops spread out across each side of the tracks.  This was an abandoned underground train station that had been halfway transformed into a makeshift library of sorts.  Worn shelves that had been exposed to more chaos than they were meant for lined the walls.  It was somewhat tranquil, surprisingly.  The sounds paralleled that of a grand library–the echoes of a cough, pages turning, and books thudding on the tables.

I set a small pile of books I had picked out on the desk and walked toward the tracks to cross to the other side.  A strong wind blew in from the southern tunnel and the lamp on my desk went out with the noise of a popping lightbulb.  An eerie energy emanated from the wind, giving me goosebumps.

I heard a scream on the next wind gust that came right at me; it was not audible, but I could hear it in my mind.  I stumbled back as the gust collided with me, carrying something with it that went into my body.  Whatever it was, it must have knocked me from myself as I was now watching myself in third person.  I collapsed onto my knees, covering my head and laughing slightly, my muscles twitching.  Someone approached me to see if I was alright and I shot to my feet, boring into their eyes with mine and lifting each foot alternately.  They screamed and ran toward the desks, causing others to look up at me and scream as well.

A dark green mist exploded from my body in every direction and I began to levitate, palms facing the dirty, concrete floor.  My body shook back and forth at such a speed that my outline became somewhat of a blur and my eyes lost the white and black of the pupil in them, turning completely blue.

A train horn sounded in the distance in the midst of people running in a panicked state and others hiding wherever they could.  A laugh escaped my throat that sounded like crumpled paper rubbing up against a piece of sandpaper.  The train came barging down the tracks through the tunnel and slammed into me.  Everything stopped for a second, filling the air with the sound of crunching metal, shattering glass and more people screaming.  It resumed in slow motion with sparks flying from the train wheels, the train cars jack-knifing, and stacks of books and papers on the desks bursting outward in every direction.  I slammed my fist into the front of the train and time resumed its normal speed.  It stopped dead in it’s tracks and went as limp as a locomotive can go when suddenly stopped after hitting an object at over 100mph.

Still levitating and feeling stretched very tight, I looked up at the faces staring at me–expressionless.  The desk that had my books on it earlier was in flames and I could not move.  I was terrified and could not will my body to do anything, as it was not in my possession anymore.  I woke up.



I had a strange dream last night:

Alone, in a stadium with a wrestling ring in the middle. The lighting was very dim but it was warm. After a few moments of dead silence, music and pyrotechnics exploded to my left, shattering the calm and igniting the entire stadium with bright colors and smoke. I looked back into the ring and Edge was standing there with his head held up. Triple H came out of the smoke and joined him in the ring. 

Within minutes there were 8 big-liner names in the ring duking it out. I don’t remember who won but 30 minutes into it, i noticed that the floor was lined with thousands of cell phones. Intrigued, my friend Dids (who had just appeared from nowhere) and i searched through them, looking for ours. At this point there were about one hundred professional wrestlers in the ring fighting each other.

I found the phone that most closely resembled mine (even though it looked nothing like my Cliq) but the bottom was missing. I went back to rummaging through the phones to find the matching bottom piece and became nervous because i heard a countdown overhead, which, when finished, would release thousands of people onto the floor to get their cell phones.

I got 3/4ths of the way through when the timer ended and everybody swarmed the area. The stadium then turned into a grocery store, with everybody still looking for their phones. I walked down the back of the store, passing the aisles and bellowing out that i had a battery with a 1GB card attached to it. Nobody claimed it.

I exited the grocery store through a side door that led me into a lobby area at an airport. Ahead of me, two little kids were running at me. The girl fell on her face when she got within a few feet of me, and her sister laughed at her because she didn’t listen to her mom when she told her not to run in the airport. I walked over to the fallen girl and lifted her up. What i saw was slightly disturbing:

The region under her eyes had swollen and was tinted a sickly yellow color. Her face was bruised, her forehead had a gash in it and she was crying tears of blood. Her lips were swollen as well and some teeth were missing and her tongue had disappeared. Most people would run at this point, however, dream Snads did no such thing. I scooped her up, yelling for her mother and aunt to follow me. We got into an elevator together and hit the button for the “sky floor” (thahts what it said). The aunt took a picture of me holding the girl and thanked me for helping her. I was not sure what she meant so i held the girl back, looking at her, and all of her wounds were gone. At that point we reached the top and exited. I told them all to head west if they wanted to survive.

This area of the airport was quite beautiful. There was art and sculptures everywhere and on section drew me to it. There was an elderly man sitting in a booth next to a large, abstract, colored glass replication of the United States. I opened my mouth to ask him about it and a great light flashed from the east. I ran to the windows to see what had happened and saw nothing, but i did hear a very loud rumbling sound coming my way.

I walked back to the man and he pointed at the “glass map” of the U.S. The map was moving now, shaking. Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas, all turned a rich brown color and flipped upside down, disappearing, and filling the entire airport with light. Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

The landscape before me was tragically barren and ruined, not a sign of life to be seen. The sun had melted and had become a misshapen blob of brilliant light as it set on the plains ahead. Behind me was a void-nothing but black and yet i could see my silhouette up against it. I had been walking for a long time in this unchanging setting. Behind me i heard a great cry that slammed into my body, knocking me face first into the gravel and darkening the sky ahead of me. The sun was not visible anymore, only the slight glow of its aura. Struggling to my feet, i yelled out because my face burned and i could hardly breathe. A wall of water poured down in front of me-smooth and clear as glass, and seeing my reflection in it, i became terrified. My chest had been opened by that cry from the dark and my lungs and my heart were missing. Dizziness hit me with such force that i almost fell over. I looked into the eyes of my reflection and the one’s in the reflection turned to fire, causing me to heave and let out a roar like a lion’s. The wall of water shattered and dissipated quickly, leaving me by myself. 

A slight humming sound came up from the ground and wrapped around my feet. With each step i took, a symbol was formed on every footprint but i didn’t know what they meant. Giant trees with orange leaves grew up from the symbols but aged just as quickly and died. I looked forward again, sweating profusely and the sun was gone, having been replaced by a multitude of stars that seemed to be within my grasp but actually were not. I continued walking forward and within a few steps, i was on the edge of a massive waterfall, the roar of which produced bright flashes of orange, green and small bursts of white light. I was baffled at the sight and leaned over as far as i could to try and see the bottom but the bottom was not visible. I was very scared but at the same time indifferent toward my predicament.

I looked up, thrusting my chest out and where my heart had been, shot out a great ball of fire which took the form of my reflection from earlier. It began to pour rain, causing the “burning me” to sizzle and pop. It looked at me, pointing down and then a massive set of wings exploded from it’s back. One fell down and the other shot up into the air; the figure clapped once, causing it to thunder and knocking me off balance, sending me plunging downward. Everything went black and when i “came to” i was leaning up against a large grey stone. There was nothing surrounding me aside from the stone so i took a seat on top of it. No stars were visible in the night sky which made me feel uneasy so i pulled the surface of the stone over my body, only leaving my face somewhat exposed. I woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I found myself in a church and walked into a very large bathroom of sorts. There was only a toilet in the room and i ripped it up out from the ground. No water came out and it didn’t weigh much. I walked out into the congregation area and ran past a minister, clad in white robes. I yelled that the toilet was mine and they had had it long enough. He gave chase but i outran him, right out of the double doors. 

I stopped after a few paces outside and looked back in and he was not there. A pool of blood grew up into the floor and there were all kinds of creatures around it and they seemed to be lounging. Something ran up behind me and sunk it’s teeth into my neck. The toilet turned into a gold coin, freeing up my hands and i reached behind me pulling her in front of me with her back facing my chest. I pulled her tight and squeezed as hard as i could, trying to suffocate her. Apparently she was a vampire and she turned around and bit me again, turning the bloody pool a watered down shade of red.

After struggling with her, i got control and another thing came up and bit the other side of my neck, turning the blood a dark red to the point of it being almost black. It was some kind of demon. I threw the gold coin into the blood pool and the demon disintegrated and the female vampire turned into this nympho and tried fucking me. I punched her in her face, causing her to stumble back and held my hand out, palm facing the double doors, and the gold coin arose from the blood and flew back into my hand-hitting my palm with a slap. This normalized the nympho vampiress.

I looked at my feet and the ground beneath me dissolved like sand in an hourglass and turned to deep waters with a bridge on all 4 sides. Someone appeared behind me and she could fly and swim very well. I looked at myself and was 6 times the size of my normal self and had no skin, instead i was covered in this metal/rock substance and was huge. She chased me, trying to get the coin and i grabbed her by the head, throwing her into the water. She swam back up and a smaller version of her ran out of her torso and jumped on me, biting me ears. I grabbed it by the neck, snapped it’s neck, and tossed it into the water. At that moment a genderless entity swooped down in front of me, keeping ahead by a few paces. It had giant white wings on its calf muscles and was explaining to the woman trying to get the coin, what the coin meant. I grabbed one of it’s wings and ripped it off, causing her calf to bleed profusely. She vanished and the bridge vanished with her. In the place of the bridge, giant white pillars shot up from the water and i jumped from each one. The woman who could fly became afraid and stopped chasing me because she was afraid of the pillars. I jumped across the last one and into this rope made of fire. It was absorbed into my torso and great amounts of smoke began coming off of my body. I woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

All went black and my head dropped off to the side. Slowly, horizontal black and white stripes came into focus and spun around me. They were every single color but black and white when i looked at them. I looked up and then down and in both directions and there was a void but at the same time there was everything that had ever been, is and will be, though i did not see any of it in picture form. I felt it. Nothing and everything was the same thing and i felt like i was in a sort of topless and bottomless cylindrical shape. It felt like i was being lifted from where i sat by a pair of hands, placed under my arms. The more i focused on the spinning stripes, the deeper i went into this feeling and the higher it brought me. 

I was aware of my surroundings but also of this other place in my head and i tried lifting my hand to touch the stripes that were in front of me. In my mind i did this but my physical hand went out a bit as well. I smiled because it felt like electricity was shooting into my fingertips from the stripes. My head jerked and i thrust my chin out to the right and my hands began to tremble and then grip the arms of the chair and my knee.

A hammer of incalculable size was pulled away from me by some sort of rope and then released. It hit me with a force so strong that the only word i understand enough to describe that force is “creation”. I shattered into a million little pieces and my eyes rolled back and started flittering. I watched this happen to myself but i wasn’t out of my body. I could see everything and hear everything and i sensed the skepticism, fear, and irritation of the people around me but i could not break out of this state i was in. I couldn’t directly interact in either state, i was suspended between them and i could only observe.

At this point, all visuals disappeared and i saw nothing-not even darkness. I felt everything happening around me instead of seeing. My head went back and my nails dug into my knee and the other hand gripped the arm of the chair even tighter and i became white-knuckled. My breathing became irregular and quick and my body shook and was very tight and flexed almost everywhere.

I felt as if i were being attacked to the point of leaning far back in my chair and looking away. There was a very hostile sensation going through my body but there was no physical pain to accompany it. Looking up i saw something leaning in toward me but it had no form. It’s “hands” were at my throat and a great weight penetrated my chest. Some time had passed and i became very angry over this and looked back right into the “eye” of it with a look of hurt and….absolute anger and disgust on my face, exhaling deeply as i pushed it off of me. After what seemed to be a few minutes of this, it dissipated immediately and i was hunched over in my chair, shaking, but with a look of what i believed to be peace as a feeling of ecstasy washed over me.

The rest i cannot seem to remember in it’s proper order but will do my best to describe. My body had not ceased shaking and tightening up, something came onto the porch, staring at me and spoke. I leaned forward, my head continued to cock to one side and then back very rapidly as i strained forward even more, listening so intently, though no audible words were spoken. It’s hand raised, everything disappeared and i watched a small bead of light gradually grow brighter. This bead was everything and nothing at the same time. Everything that had ever happened or been spoken or thought played out, as well as everything that is being done presently and what is possible in the future. A surge grew within me, my head shaking as tears welled up in my eyes and streamed down my face. I could hardly whisper the words “no”.

I was pushed back in my chair and my head continued to tilt side to side. My hand rose slightly and my head went back. I do not understand any words that can be used to explain what i saw and what was happening to me from this point onward but it made my breathing become very quick and shallow; it hurt but i kept reaching. My back was pushed in and my head almost all of the way back as i reached further up. After what seemed a very long time, it disappeared and i lowered my arm. It was on the porch in front of me still, still talking inaudibly and i was listening intently.

After some more time had passed (i think), i hunched over and it felt like i was coughing/vomiting but i wasn’t. A noise bellowed up from way back in my throat and came out as a growlish sound and then became gradually louder and breathy, causing my hands to dig into my legs. When it subsided, i became slightly more aware of my surroundings, my neck felt weak and i was staring upward with a glazed over look in my eyes-which weren’t flittering or rolled back anymore. The sensations that the striped wall had given me came back and over the course of what i assume must have been 30 minutes, i went back and forth between those sensations, listening to others that came to the porch, staring at them, leaning forward. I woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I took a trip to Howell, Michigan and was walking around the town. I walked into Jen’s old place and just kinda zoned out while i stared at one of the walls. A wave of sadness came crashing down onto my chest. I left. Stepping outside i noticed i was carrying a package but wasn’t sure what it was. I headed down West Grand River but it looked different. A few minutes into my walk i noticed Jen on the other side of the street and she was with her friend Mike. Shock was my reaction and it was followed by another wave of heavy sadness. I was wondering what she was doing here and found out that she lived here again. I ignored her and turned the corner, not wanting to talk with her because it hurt too much. I don’t know why but i felt so sorry for her. 

Walking along the other side of that block, i passed 3 men at an outside table at a bar who were drinking and laughing. One made a joke to me as i passed so i stopped and responded with a smart-ass reply, making them laugh. I told them that i didn’t know why i was here and it hurt. They pulled a chair out for me and i took a seat. They ordered me some kind of drink-something with whiskey. At that moment, Jen and Mike came from around the corner i was headed to before being seated. I tried ignoring them but they came right up to us. I don’t remember what we were all talking about but Jen started flirting with the guy next to me and looked at me while she did it, trying to get a reaction out of me. I kept my cool and ignored it. After 5 minutes or so the guy got up and started leaving with Jen, he was going to go fuck her. That pissed me off-the dude was a total loser. Jen didn’t care, she knew it bothered me. I wanted to hit him but they left too soon and the guy texted me telling me to “back off i’m gonna have some fun with this one”. My skin turned red when i read that and i slammed my 2 fists onto the table i was standing by, shattering it into thousands of pieces. The other 2 guys and Mike looked at me and shifted uneasily. I swore i would find that guy and beat him into the ground. Everything went black.

When i could see again i was 8 blocks south of that location and the town was destroyed. I walked over to a side street where there was a wounded man sitting by himself. I asked what happened but he had no voice and tried using only his lips to explain it to me. I was overcome with regret and walked out into the main road and stumbled into a house that was missing its back half. I heard gunshots in the distance and ran to the paneless window to see what was happening. There were a few soldiers running to the house and they saw me. I ran out of the house and up the street, passing them, and met up with my friend Rizzle. He and i both strapped ourselves on the 2nd story of another blown out building and waited, watching as a group of 200+ soldiers charged our building. I slammed my fist onto the floor and a red shiled symbol appeared where i had struck. I looked out the front of the building and all of the soldiers screamed in pain and i watched them all either burst into flames or melt right on the spot. Riz and i left the building, running back down that main street. Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

Touring the Apple store and the lights kept flickering. After a few minutes i left. Walking to my car, i looked to my left and my friend Angie was walking to her car as well. I called out to her and she came over. My car turned into a bed and both of us sat on it. After talking for maybe 10 minutes we started to wrestle and flirt. Things became a bit more serious and we started touching, biting, etc. As fun as it was, she had a boyfriend so i stopped things there. Everything went black. 

When i could see again, i noticed that i was in a house set in a wooded area. George W. Bush arrived and went right to the bathroom, which stuck out a bit from the main wall. I could hear the noise of some sort of political event going on in the backyard. Bush looked up at the ceiling and, chuckling, took a hammer and repeatedly slammed it into the ceiling, breaking it open. Although i knew the ceiling was weak to begin with, i was pissed off at him for breaking it open and said to him, “Looks like we should go for another stimulus bill to get that fixed.” He became very serious and took offense to my smart-ass comment and walked out of the bathroom. I followed him and told him that it was just a joke but he did not change his attitude. He went into another room and stayed in there while i waited outside.

His father and Bill Clinton appeared down the hallway and walked into the room to get him out. We all went outside where Obama and his wife were giving a speech. I called him out but he ignored me. Instead, everyone listening to him turned on me, telling me to shut up. I became angry at that and over the crowd’s stupidity as they hung on his every word. “Fuck them” i thought, “they will find out on their own that he is full of shit”.

I left the backyard and went out front to hang out by myself and then to the side, along a row of trees. I watched the events in the backyard from there, still irritated at those stupid people who seemed to foam at the mouth every time Obama spoke. I looked back to the front yard and there was a stranger sitting in a lawn chair, staring at me. Kinda creepy. I went out back again.  I woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was in a white-walled, furnished apartment and my friend Jenny was giving birth. I was overjoyed and realized the babies were mine even though she and i had not slept together (hear that, Jenny? We DIDN’T so don’t get grossed out). She thought she was just having one, but it turned out to be fraternal twins. Within a few minutes though, she had disappeared and i was told (not sure by whom, but heard a voice) to help by wrapping the babies up in some cloth. I found some next to me, noticing the texture of it was unlike anything i had ever felt. As soon as i had wrapped the boy and girl in it, the blood and birth fluids (gross) had disappeared and they were very clean and healthy looking-cute even. 

My old friend Mike had appeared and held the boy for me while i held the girl; we unrolled some wool blankets and a sheep skin blanket to put the infants on to sleep. I was still in a state of disbelief over what had all happened-how it happened. I walked over to the bathroom to rinse out my mouth (everyone’s favorite random activity) and used Mike’s but told him i would give him 5 dollars to get some more. I looked down at the floor and noticed all kinds of “stuff” on it from the birth, how it got all over the floors is beyond me. The baby boy appeared in my arms, wrapped up and i stared at him for a moment. He opened his eyes and we stared at eachother. I had never seen blue in someone’s eyes like that before. I gave him his first name, which i cannot now remember but i do remember was somewhat common. I gave him a secret name attached to his regular one and i think it was “Ralphiel” (or some variation of Raphael). The girl, i gave a Gaelic name.

I was out in the living room now, still holding the little lad and a strange man showed up in front of me with a notepad. He took down the babies names and put in their name and nationality. The strange man had written down that the boy was part Russian even though i told him he was Scottish. He looked at the boy and said, “He does not have his red hair, he is not Scottish, this one has Russian in him.” At that moment, the girl was brought to me by someone i didn’t recognize and her hair had sprouted, colored with a vibrant red, with yellow-orange at the roots. The strange man looked at her, took down her Gaelic name i gave her and wrote down “Scottish” next to her name and disappeared.

I pulled out my cell phone and started texting everyone, including Jenny, that i was a dad and had twins. I was very excited and it wasn’t long before 2 of my friends, Sam and Alex, showed up. I was talking to them about how events had unfolded. While talking, the 2 children had grown. Quickly. They looked to be about 3 years old now and the girl’s hair was like fire, bright yellow and orange at the roots up to the middle and then colored darker toward the ends, ending in deep reds and the tips were black. The boy’s eyes were even bluer, he looked right at me and it looked as if his eyes were sapphires with the sun shining directly through them.

I left the house to go tell others about what had happened, leaving the little ones there for some reason. After a few hours, my parents met up with me and we were driving to this place called “B.R.’s” to get my nephew, Soren. I called in advance to make sure my kids were there but the owner had only put Soren on the phone to say hello. I became pretty nervous at this point because although Soren was there like he should have been, he didn’t mention my kids names so i was afraid they wouldn’t be there either. Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was on a lamp-lit street in some run down ghetto area at night. Standing by a cop car i noticed a bad man trying to get in, posing as a cop but i knew he wasn’t. I held up my gun, which had plastic casing and was all white, and ordered him out of the car. He complied so i yelled at him to put his hands on his head and then lie down. He did at first but then reached for his small black gun and i yelled at him to put it down. He didn’t listen so i shot him in the chest. He was shocked. A large crimson puddle stained his chest but he got up and began slowly walking toward me. He would not listen to my orders so over the course of a few minutes i ended up emptying the entire clip into his torso and 3 shots into his face. It didn’t phase him, in fact the more i shot him the less it hurt him. He continued his slow approach to me and i turned around and ran. We crossed a street and he ran to a blacked out apartment building, apartment building number 88 on Jay Street and Soliare (crossroads). 

I called 9-1-1 but was put on hold by the operator. I staked out by the building for a few hours and heard him yelling confessions form the window. I left and walked a few blocks away and it was suddenly morning. I scooped up a bunch of dirt and pebbles from a “reputable” drug-dealers front yard (if such a thing exists) and turned them to drugs. I headed back in the direction of that blacked out apartment throwing flat stones across the street which signified that i had drugs and was selling. An old, grey Lincoln car approached and the passenger rolled down the window, looked at what i had, felt it and left. I took off in the opposite direction and wound my way through the bad neighborhood, running so fast everything was blurred. i kept holding out the flat stones to see if anybody wished to buy from me but nobody did. I ran through an athletic field where people were hanging out and some playing sports. Only a few white people were there.

I approached an out-of-the-way field and ran past my childhood friend Colin Willard and turned around. We ran up to each other and hugged and caught up a bit He said he had graduated school with 200 credits and was now coaching a sports team. Something was off about him. We parted ways and i was suddenly in my grooming salon. As usual, i was joking around with everyone and Mia came in. She walked to the back door area where Dana was and they laughed about something and Dana licked her tongue a bit, which made me laugh. Mia then came over to hang out with me and reached around to my front and grabbed my chest and wrapped her legs around me. I just stood there with her on my back looking in the mirror. A customer came in and her kid walked right back with her and the dog. The dog, some kind of orange puppy jumped into my arms and Mia cursed at the customer for something, saying the word “fuck” and started to shake. Eventually the lady and her kid left and i took the dog. Jenny was beside me and joking with me about something and i just kept staring at her which made her uneasy but i found it funny.