I had a strange dream last night:

I was out at sea on a cruiser ship with some others. Some of the people jumped off the ship and swim with it but i did not, as i have a fear of being that far out in the ocean. The water was beautiful however, the color of sapphires. After awhile, the captain of the ship took it a bit deeper under the water so that the deck was almost parallel with the surface of the water. I asked him about the likely hood of sharks and no sooner than when he mentioned tiger and bull sharks did one show up alongside of the boat. I became just a little nervous, seeing that the deck was now submerged a foot or so under the water and the shark was swimming along side of it. I took a seat and watched as the captain turned the ship around, trying to get it away from the shark and felt its teeth sink into my hand a bit. I yelled out that the shark was biting and we needed to go, which kicked off this cat and mouse game of sorts between the captain and the shark. It go to the point where the captain would flip the ship or pull immediate 180’s but the shark was able to keep up. As the ship was handled like this a few people fell off and into the water, becoming a prey for the sea mammal though most of them were able to get back on. One of the people who turned out to be a celebrity (can’t recall whom) was not able to get back on so i waited for the next flip and when the captain did it, i reached into the water, grabbed her by the ankle and lifted her onto the deck, saving her from the shark’s attack. 

After a few more minutes of evasion the shark jumped onto the deck and was standing on 4 scaly legs. I laughed and then freaked out a bit, wondering aloud-and with plenty of expletives how a shark could do such a thing. I spear tackled it, wrestling with the beast and threw it back into the water but it swam back up to the surface and lept back onto the boat. At this point it looked kind of like my roommate’s boxer, Mason. I looked behind me and Mason was there growling at it and the shark-thing went after him. I intercepted it and it bit my arm causing it to gush blood so i pushed it back and started punching it in it’s face, driving it it the edge of the deck. Once again i knocked it back into the water but it came right back up, causing the captain to become frustrated and drive the ship to shore. I held the shark creature down until we arrived and had another person help me carry it across the sand to a table which i ordered to be cleared. I asked one of the men there to shoot this beast and put it out of it’s misery. He was hesitant but did so when i cleared off the table. One bullet was put through it’s head, the other through it’s chest and it slowly died. Everyone cheered but i felt a bit of sadness for it and walked it to the water and lowered it in, letting the ocean pull it back out.

My surroundings changed at that point. I was still by the shore at that point but the area behind me was grassy with a large white building sitting on the grass. Thousands were there-half of them celebrities and all were mourning over the shark. What looked to be a funeral pyre was being constructed by all of the attendees and it was made from a stick everyone held in their hand. The light colored ones were supposed to be thrown in first but i walked up and threw in mine which was tan. I stepped a few feet away from the pyre and looked back, noting that there was a large group of white celebrities gathered together and a same-size group of black ones. I went over to the black crowd and noticed a number of hip-hop and rap artists. They were all joking and having a great time and i joined in with them, commenting on Cam’rons sweet-ass solid gold glock he had at his front. I looked down at my front and noticed my own glock pushed into my pants. I became very happy at this and Cam’ron joked, asking me when i was going to need that since i lived in Sedona. I laughed and told him about this one time when i had to kill this strange shark creature thing with it and he shook his head in shock over the story.

It was getting late so we all took our leave, everyone splitting up into smaller groups and heading for some boats waiting for us at the dock. Once the boats were fully loaded, they took off with great speed and as we cruised through the water i noticed thousands of people stranded in the water. They were screaming with such fear and desperation it shook me to my very core. I asked about these people and was told that the Titanic had sunk and these people were left behind. I could feel thumps under our boat as it sped along…..the boats were driving right over some of the people. I felt sick. It was wrong. The boats sped to the next dock, where i changed over to another one to join my brother and sister. I saw my aunt and cousins on the boat next to me and my aunt looked shocked and not very responsive. I screamed her name as we pulled away but she didn’t respond. My screams were drowned out by the thousands stuck in the water again. I leaned back at struck up a humorous conversation with this black woman on the boat who apparently already knew me quite well. She made me feel less afraid. Afterward, i went to the middle of the boat and sat down with my sister and brother and we said nothing for the remainder of the boat ride. We pulled into the third dock and i woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was in the hallway of a school with a group of people i do not know in real life, but in my dream i did. We were all hanging out wandering the halls and ended up on the west side of the school and stayed there. My friend Tammy was there and was very sad for some reason so i went over to her and hugged her. I kept my arm around her shoulder and closed my eyes for a few minutes, making her feel better. I was transferring sunlight into her. The walls in front of us disappeared and a few miles out from us was some sort of amusement park area. There were lights hovering around the buildings and one of the buildings, shaped like the Washington State space needle had a beam of that luminescent light beneath it in a pillar shape. The light became more intense and a roaring sound could be heard and suddenly the building shattered and collapsed and we applauded. The large rectangular building next to it underwent a similar process only this time the lights rained down onto it and caused it to explode in all directions, throwing some of the debris at us. Some of the people in the hallway screamed and we all ran to get out of the way of the debris, running down the hallways looking safe rooms to stay in. 

I arrived at the end of the hallway and found the room i wished to take cover in, keeping the door open for a few more of the people i had been hanging out with and we slammed the door shut. Rumbling could be heard and i shut my eyes for a moment. When i opened them i had a bird’s eye view of the entire area as if i were in a helicopter and circling the area. The scene changed from the one i saw on the ground to a map of the west-specifically Vegas, but each building represented an area of the west. What looked to be like demolitions turned out to be blatant attacks and bombings on these buildings and people, lost and terrified, were running everywhere. I watched buildings the size of small states collapse from bombs raining down on them. Soldiers appeared and shot at civilians, arrested them and chased them.

I was no loger in the sky but on the fringes of this mayhem and encouraged the group i was with to keep moving and stay out of the way of the flying debris. At one point they became too frightened and stood still, attracting the attention of the soldiers. A handful of them charged us-their silhouettes rapidly approaching us as a 90-story tower was rocked by a massive explosion and collapsed. I yelled for the people to follow me but some went in the opposite direction and were shot down. I had only a small number following me, looking back as the others were incapacitated or beaten to death. Everything went black. Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was in a courtyard back in ancient Rome again, playing chess with this gorgeous Roman woman with reddish hair. She seemed a bit upset as we played and i asked what was wrong. The more she told me what was wrong, the angrier she became. As this happened, the chess pieces turned into chess piece-sized live humans and she began picking them up and cutting them into pieces with a knife she had with her. Killing them seemed to feed her anger and she would stab them, cut off limbs and eventually started biting the heads off of them, cursing them, and there was blood all over the chess board. I kind of stared at her, not believing that this was happening and she asked if i would help her kill a woman she hated. I informed her that i did not wish to get in the middle of her feud and that murder was not very fashionable. That remark pissed her off. I stood up and wished her a pleasant day, kind of laughing about it and took my leave. 

I blinked and suddenly was in another woman’s house with my sister, Rae. We were having lunch with the woman of the house and apparently BLT’s were all the rage back then because that is what we were eating. I hate BLT’s so mine must have just been a BL or something. We were also having some delicious red wine and the woman made a toast to good health, which i kind of laughed at, knowing the other woman was going to kill her that day. I did feel sorry for her, she was a nice woman on the surface and i had no knowledge of any treachery on her behalf. After lunch ended, my sister and i stood up to leave and she walked us to the door. She kissed my sister on the cheek and held her hand out to me, which i lightly kissed and thought about warning her. I decided against it and she wished us a good day. I looked back as we left her house and she had a smirk on her face and her eyes were dark. Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was standing in the courtyard outside my bedroom but it was 5 times as large and full of people. I noticed along the overhangs, there were some words carved into the wood, some on paper and some made out of random materials such as stacked books. I read it a few times and on the fourth time i was utterly shocked. It stated that the republic had been hijacked on purpose and was going to be destroyed. I looked back out at the crowd and there were a lot of politicians walking about and talking with people, smiling. 

“Listen to me! Our country has been assaulted from within!” i screamed at the crowd and everyone stopped and stared at me. I went into a frenzy trying to explain to them what was happening and pointed to those words i had read, only this time, some of the words were missing so i tried finding the clues to them and putting them together. Some people thought me paranoid and crazy and others believed me and became just as enraged. When i was working on finding the 5th word i was escorted inside a building by men in some nice suits. The building had red type walls but nothing in it except the black guy Charles from “The Office”. Not a random character at all, obviously. He was sitting in a chair staring at me and i was screaming at him that i found out what was happening. He shook his head and i yelled out “long live the republic!” As i yelled that out, a large metal door opened at the far side of this empty room and the men in suits tried pushing me in but i jammed my elbow into the wall and was only halfway in. After a big struggle, and more men in suits they shoved me into the room and it went black.

When i could see again i was sitting amidst some sexless nude humans with shaved heads, all of whom were holding pencil-thin metal rods that were somehow connected to their brains. I noticed i was holding one as well. I asked what they were but got no response, the other people would not talk. We all stood up and walked outside where it was rocky, barren and reddish brown. My friend Maria came over one of the hills, wearing a red dress and told me she was saving me and i had to follow her. I looked at the little metal rod i had in my hand and threw it into the air and it exploded. Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I walked into my bedroom and there was this beautiful girl in my bed having sex with some guy. She looked at me and told me to join and i didn’t think twice. I pushed the other guy out of my bed and sent him to my bathroom to stay. I’ll spare the details but it was amazing. We took a break and we both went into the bathroom to wash our faces and there was a shower head hanging over my sink, which i used to clean away the Irish Spring soap. After drying off, we both went back into my bed to mess around some more but we were no longer in my bed. We were on a trail out by the red rocks and there were LOTS of people out hiking that day, which i commented on and was a little pissed about since it didn’t give us much privacy. 

We were actually moving along the trail at quite a speed while having sex and when we began going uphill i would have to push us up with my hands and she was trying to steer us away from the people on it. Nobody seemed to look twice when we passed them. Finally, we stood up and i wrapped the blanket around my waist . She had on a tiny pink bathing suit and asked if she could use the blanket as well, which i was happy to share. We semi-awkwardly hiked up the trail and approached a couple of huge groups of people. Hearing a noise beside us in the brush we stopped. A Javelina burst from the shrubs, chasing a long green lizard. The lizard would jump out of harm’s way every time the javelina tried to grab it with it’s mouth. After a minute or so the lizard jumped onto the back of the wild pig and, spreading its legs, grabbed onto it’s fur like a cowboy holding the reins on a horse. We laughed hysterically as the javelina bucked and shook, trying to get the lizard ff of its back but it didn’t work. It ran past me, brushing against my leg and i screamed, “Gross! I have pig on me!” Nobody laughed. Neither did i actually, it wasn’t even supposed to be funny i don’t think. I am much more funny in real life, though.

Continuing up the trail we came to a creek crossing that lead to an area that reminded me of Cathedral rock. My boxers turned to a bathing suit and i jumped in. The girl was still behind me a bit but when she caught up, she crossed over the rocks and went straight up over the bridge that was above us. I instead took the stairs at the creek level, but not before first exploring the area under the bridge. There were people above me jumping from the bridge into the water and families all over the place; it turned into a tourist hotspot. I started my climb up the stairs and was closely followed by this other annoying girl who wouldn’t give me any damn space. I told her to get the hell out of my aura and she just giggled.

Arriving at the top, i went right and the girl went left, which is where my family was. I walked into an open building area full of restaurants and walked the length of it and then back to the bridge. I was about to cross it but i appeared down at the creek again; there was a huge open and red rock area where people were lounging. I made my way across it all and found my family and took a seat. We watched as people swung from a rope, dropping and diving into the swimming hole below. Mildly entertaining. I noticed 6 airplanes in the sky about 2 miles off and asked my ma what kind they were. She said they were British fighter planes from World War 1. They came screaming in, ducking under the bridge and i picked up a replica of them from the rock next to me and threw it into the water. Everything faded out.

It was dark now and i was in an apartment with my family watching tv. It was a mundane but still enjoyable night. I stepped outside to get some fresh air and a some black guy was approaching me. He didn’t look very friendly. I said “what’s up” to him and he stopped, staring at me and said, “I need to rob this apartment”. I chuckled and asked if he always told people he was going to rob them before he actually did it. He laughed and i told him it was not a good idea and would not end well for him. He looked at me thoughtfully and asked if i had some ‘blow’ on me that he could have instead. So, wanting to protect my family, i told him to wait where he was and i went into the apartment. I grabbed a joint from this little box my sister had and brought it out and gave it to him. Smiling, he thanked me and walked away. I followed him to a white truck and asked if he planned on robbing anymore. He was angered by this and said, “If you buy me some beer i will leave you alone”. I responded that i would not bribe him for my safety. We jumped out of the truck and i asked him why he was angry all of the time, to which he responded, “Look at my lifestyle. I can’t afford to be nice”. I tried convincing him to leave that life behind but he said, “Ha! I can’t stop, C would kill me”. I told him we all have a choice and he should make the right one.

We ended up across the street from my apartment and as we were speaking, a car pulled up and my friend Brandy walked past us with 2 bags of groceries, which she dropped. The drug-lording fellow said something mean to her but i helped her pick them up. She got in the backseat and i put her groceries next to her and said, “He can be a dick sometimes but he’s ok”. Brandy hadn’t realized it was me until that point and smiled as i shut the door and the car pulled off. I watched the car disappear into the night and when i looked down, i was carrying two bags of groceries myself.

I headed back to the apartment and suddenly there were police cars, ambulance, and fire trucks everywhere and people were rushing madly about. I thought they had come to arrest that drug-selling guy so pretended i was just coming home from the grocery store. I noticed though, that they were all rushing into my apartment. I was terrified because there were more EMT’s going in than any police or fire fighters. I looked upstaris into my apartment and they were carrying a body with a bloody noise down the stairs on a huge piece of paper with my ma’s handwriting on it. A closer look revealed that it was her. I dropped my groceries and covered my mouth and screamed in fear, sobbing hysterically. After they were out, i ran upstairs and, trying to make my words make sense, i asked what happened. My sister and dad weren’t crying, they actually seemed calm and a little puzzled as to my reaction. They said ma had a heart attack, at which point i jumped down the stairs and into the back of the ambulance. Woke up.