I had a strange dream last night:

I took a trip to Howell, Michigan and was walking around the town. I walked into Jen’s old place and just kinda zoned out while i stared at one of the walls. A wave of sadness came crashing down onto my chest. I left. Stepping outside i noticed i was carrying a package but wasn’t sure what it was. I headed down West Grand River but it looked different. A few minutes into my walk i noticed Jen on the other side of the street and she was with her friend Mike. Shock was my reaction and it was followed by another wave of heavy sadness. I was wondering what she was doing here and found out that she lived here again. I ignored her and turned the corner, not wanting to talk with her because it hurt too much. I don’t know why but i felt so sorry for her. 

Walking along the other side of that block, i passed 3 men at an outside table at a bar who were drinking and laughing. One made a joke to me as i passed so i stopped and responded with a smart-ass reply, making them laugh. I told them that i didn’t know why i was here and it hurt. They pulled a chair out for me and i took a seat. They ordered me some kind of drink-something with whiskey. At that moment, Jen and Mike came from around the corner i was headed to before being seated. I tried ignoring them but they came right up to us. I don’t remember what we were all talking about but Jen started flirting with the guy next to me and looked at me while she did it, trying to get a reaction out of me. I kept my cool and ignored it. After 5 minutes or so the guy got up and started leaving with Jen, he was going to go fuck her. That pissed me off-the dude was a total loser. Jen didn’t care, she knew it bothered me. I wanted to hit him but they left too soon and the guy texted me telling me to “back off i’m gonna have some fun with this one”. My skin turned red when i read that and i slammed my 2 fists onto the table i was standing by, shattering it into thousands of pieces. The other 2 guys and Mike looked at me and shifted uneasily. I swore i would find that guy and beat him into the ground. Everything went black.

When i could see again i was 8 blocks south of that location and the town was destroyed. I walked over to a side street where there was a wounded man sitting by himself. I asked what happened but he had no voice and tried using only his lips to explain it to me. I was overcome with regret and walked out into the main road and stumbled into a house that was missing its back half. I heard gunshots in the distance and ran to the paneless window to see what was happening. There were a few soldiers running to the house and they saw me. I ran out of the house and up the street, passing them, and met up with my friend Rizzle. He and i both strapped ourselves on the 2nd story of another blown out building and waited, watching as a group of 200+ soldiers charged our building. I slammed my fist onto the floor and a red shiled symbol appeared where i had struck. I looked out the front of the building and all of the soldiers screamed in pain and i watched them all either burst into flames or melt right on the spot. Riz and i left the building, running back down that main street. Woke up.


I had a strange dream last night:

Touring the Apple store and the lights kept flickering. After a few minutes i left. Walking to my car, i looked to my left and my friend Angie was walking to her car as well. I called out to her and she came over. My car turned into a bed and both of us sat on it. After talking for maybe 10 minutes we started to wrestle and flirt. Things became a bit more serious and we started touching, biting, etc. As fun as it was, she had a boyfriend so i stopped things there. Everything went black. 

When i could see again, i noticed that i was in a house set in a wooded area. George W. Bush arrived and went right to the bathroom, which stuck out a bit from the main wall. I could hear the noise of some sort of political event going on in the backyard. Bush looked up at the ceiling and, chuckling, took a hammer and repeatedly slammed it into the ceiling, breaking it open. Although i knew the ceiling was weak to begin with, i was pissed off at him for breaking it open and said to him, “Looks like we should go for another stimulus bill to get that fixed.” He became very serious and took offense to my smart-ass comment and walked out of the bathroom. I followed him and told him that it was just a joke but he did not change his attitude. He went into another room and stayed in there while i waited outside.

His father and Bill Clinton appeared down the hallway and walked into the room to get him out. We all went outside where Obama and his wife were giving a speech. I called him out but he ignored me. Instead, everyone listening to him turned on me, telling me to shut up. I became angry at that and over the crowd’s stupidity as they hung on his every word. “Fuck them” i thought, “they will find out on their own that he is full of shit”.

I left the backyard and went out front to hang out by myself and then to the side, along a row of trees. I watched the events in the backyard from there, still irritated at those stupid people who seemed to foam at the mouth every time Obama spoke. I looked back to the front yard and there was a stranger sitting in a lawn chair, staring at me. Kinda creepy. I went out back again.  I woke up.