Reader! You are at this page because you either don’t believe my dreams & want an explanation or you are bored reading them and want something else to look at. Allow me to explain. These dreams are real and occur on a regular basis for me. The gap in dates is due to having an occasional mundane dream or laziness in writing them down. I dream so many imaginative sequences that I don’t write them down all of the time.

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt in a manner as you find in my blog; the first dream I can remember occurred when I was 8 years old, having to do with a gargantuan, bombed out bridge, Caravaggio-like lighting, walking through a sewer of sorts, and a bunch of nude women representing different colors and aspects of my life. Kinda of weird, I guess, especially for a wee lad.

My friends and fam have suggested I compile a book of dreams but before I do that, this blog is an experiment to see if anybody cares to read about them at all, and, more importantly, keep coming back to look at new ones. If you are in any way moved by them (in whatever capacity, be they humorous, disturbing, adventurous, etc), please feel free to “like”, comment, or follow. I love feedback & hearing others’ interpretation or suggestions.

If you too are such a dreamer, please let me know and I will gladly follow yours. They are a gateway to an individuals mind and inner workings and I find them extremely fascinating.

Enjoy and I hope to hear from you!


2 Responses to “Concerning my dreams:”

  1. COOL!!
    I have crazy dreams too, a lot of the times I dream I’m a kind of tour guide on a quest, that has to get a group of people through a dangerous situation, or to a secret room ontop of a weird building.
    I can also get stuck in public bathrooms for nights! How weird is that?!
    Anywhoo, I’ll be coming back to read your strangeness 🙂

  2. snadius Says:

    Why, thank ya, lass : ) First guess about your dreams: sounds like yours have to do with giving guidance to others or being of aid? Or perhaps it is a part of you, an innate sense of direction guiding you through your life’s experiences?

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