I had a strange dream last night:Late afternoon had set in and my family and I were on the way to dinner.  My brother was bringing a guest: Mariah Carey.  My two sisters became excited and my brother appeared with her almost instantly.  I sat next to her in the backseat, wondering how he even knew her but not caring for too long because she was wearing a very short skirt.

We arrived at the restaurant and I took my seat at the head of the table, my pop at the other end and everyone else between us.  I had wanted to sit close to Mariah so hat I could make her laugh but I quickly forgot that she was even there due to her boring dinner conversation.  An Indian couple that I knew from my dreams was present as well and I gave up my seat for the male so he could sit next to his wife.  Within the blink of an eye, my surroundings changed and I found myself sitting with my brother and friends Dids, Tonya, B, Justine, and James on a couch outside in an industrial park by an elongated pool similar to the one that sits before the Taj Mahal.  We were watching the movie “The Other Guys” and I was high so naturally laughing harder than everyone else at it.

In the distance a man approached, walking unevenly.  The closer he came the more I noticed how grotesque and disturbing his face was along with a creepy kind of giggle he kept trying to hold back.  Piece by piece, kevlar plate armor appeared on my body accompanied by the sound of metal clashing.  Within seconds, I was fully donned and charged the creepy man who turned out to be the Joker as played by Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight”.  For hours he and I fought; my strength grew the more angry I became with him to the point where I was able to pick him up and throw him through the air.  That wasn’t enough, I threw him into the elongated pool, which turned into a pier right before he hit the water.  A random man approached, watching the fight intently and decided to intervene.  I hit him in the face once and broke….everything.  Blood trickled out from a few different points of his face and he fell into the water and drowned.  The Joker laughed.  In fact, the more I beat on him, the less he cared–the more he laughed and the less it hurt him.  I pulled him out of the water and threw him headfirst into the wall and he collapsed into a heap, watching me the entire time.  He rapidly opened and closed his jaw, the sound of him straining to breathe could be heard over everything else.  He wasn’t trying to breathe, he was still laughing.  His bloodshot eyes turned jet black and he emanated such intense and reckless evil that it almost seemed like a physical substance.  This was not the Joker, at least not anymore; this was the devil.  I could recognize him from his appearance in my other dreams.  I grew a little anxious and angrier, lifted him up with one arm, repeatedly throwing his head into the concrete wall causing chunks of it to fall to the ground and crumble to dust.  He laughed repeatedly as I did this and his laughs turned into barks that you would hear from a Rottweiler.

The ground rumbled slightly.  I needed to kill this creature for good.  I grabbed him by his jacket collar, dragging him along the pier much to the horror of the people present (but had not been present before).  Shouts filled the air of how to deal with the devil but I walked intently toward a raised platform upon which stood an elevated metallic casket of sorts.  It was filled with boiling acid and without hesitation I threw the side of his face right up against the grate. A raspy scream mixed with more barking cut through the air but I would not release him.  I wanted to kill him and to make him suffer on his way to death.  I grit my teeth in anger and threw the rest of his body in and slammed it shut.

To the east a pale light filled the green swirling clouds.  The casket disappeared and it started to snow.  I was in the company of some soldiers like myself and we were quietly talking amongst ourselves as to where we should go.  Through the thick of clouds swirling above us, a bright circular light on the underside of a disc emanated fog and illuminated our position.  We grabbed our rifles and aimed but the disc would not stop moving around.  It seemed to roll as it moved back and forth.  I pulled my phone out and recorded this phenomena as a smaller light was dispatched from the disc and sped toward us.  It turned into a more cylindrical shaped object and latched onto the face of one of my comrades.  We quickly ran over to him to pry it from him but it zipped away before we could do anything.  His face was bruised and coated in some kind of fluid.  A loud, almost robotic exhaust noise filled the air and more slick and metallic objects in the shape of four legged animals with slightly elongated necks but no faces descended from the hovering craft and assaulted us.  They pinned down a few of my friends, “licking” them all over & covering them in that strange liquid as if they were marking them.  I tackled one and reached for my gun but it headbutted me, sending me flying a few feet through the air.  I was not sure how to harm these things as they had no face and no detail to them whatsoever.  They were smooth and metallic all over with no obvious weaknesses.  Simultaneously, they turned into globes of light and flew up into the craft, which quickly ascended and descended altitude over us.  I continued recording with my phone.  Within the blink of an eye, it was gone.

We gathered ourselves and checked each other over for injuries.  Everything seemed ok but we were slightly shaken up.  We were all wondering the same thing: what the FUCK just happened and what was that?  It wasn’t snowing anymore.  The clouds above us seemed impenetrable now but continued to slowly billow up and swirl around.  We moved out toward the cell towers on the other side of the bridge by us.  As we arrived, I noticed someone descending the tower the way a spider would.  I got the chills but also rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness of what was happening–so absurdly unbelievable it all was.  This “person” approached us, stern and cold.  It snatched one of my comrades, the leader, and he disappeared.  When the creature reappeared it asked us for our second in command.  I became nervous, thinking he might take me away, but everyone pointed to the soldier in our group that nobody was too fond of.  He was the unofficial second in command and gave a look of resignation to this creature and begrudgingly volunteered himself.  I slowly reached for my knife, intent on stabbing this creature to kill him and save my comrade but another friend of mind quickly grabbed my hand and shook his head no.  Another friend disappeared with the creature, leaving a bolt of horizontal lightning behind that lit up the clouds.  The night grew even darker.  We stared at one another with no idea what to do next, as this…..thing could seemingly be anywhere at any time. I woke up.


I had a strange dream last night:

A low humming sound adds to the “spacey” ambiance of the room I become aware of.  There are two others sitting at the rectangular table with me.  In the center, some kind of chrome plated sphere hovers in the air, slowly bobbing up and down.  It almost sounds as if that is the source of the humming.  I scratch my head and look down at the black stone tablet, thin as paper and easy to crumple, but unfolds itself into it’s original shape if tampered with.  Printed on the tablet are white numbers, encased in two dimensional white-outlined squares.  A large celestial map sits in front of me, the contents of which alternate between the heavens, colored in indigo’s and deep blues, and an old world map, colored in brown and parchment tones.  I look at the others sitting at the table with me and they are hard at work trying to decipher the have similar tablets in front of them.  I touch the exact middle square with my finger and the chrome plated sphere emits an extremely high pitched whining, hydraulic sound and blinds me with a bright flash.

When I “come to”, I am in a desert, though the color palette of the terrain looks very washed out.  I am by myself for awhile and not sure where to go, as nothing is in sight aside from more desert and some mountains off in the distance.  Soon enough, a bus comes barreling down the dusty road and pulls over as it nears me.  A few small, one story buildings grow up from the ground as well as a stable filled with people in hospital gowns with shaved heads.  The atmosphere becomes malicious.  A man in uniform approaches me and states that I have been selected to work at a high-end, secret facility for cracking the code on the tablet.  My gut screams at me not to trust him, but having no other options, I board the bus in order to bide time.

We ride for hours and the landscape never seems to change, it only looks like the same few shrubs are placed in different areas off the side of the road.  A line of shuffling feet cuts into my anxious thinking and up come a group of identically dressed, shaved-headed individuals, holding their arms in such a way as if they were holding invisible rifles.  They look like they are in an extreme amount of pain & discomfort but cannot fight back or do anything about their current circumstances.  Intuitively, I am told that they are being trained to oversee the other people being taken to the facility, that they are being broken & brainwashed.  That put fear into me and heightened my senses; I go over ways to escape.

The bus is turned into a boxcar and all goes dark.  The door is rolled back and the sunlight slams into the wall behind me, rattling the walls and floor.  One by one, we are all taken to the ground and directed to one of the brainwashed individuals.  I am the last one; they grab me and throw me to the ground and kick me in my sides to rough me up and intimidate me.  It hurts but I am not intimidated, just pissed off now and more determined than ever to escape.  I approach my “overseer” and he looks insane, his eyes are wild and seems that the only thing that is holding him together is serious PTSD from his “re-education”.  He cradles his arms and bends his knees, sticking out his tongue and slobbering everywhere, yipping at me to jump into his arms.  What a balanced fella.  I run and jump into his arms two times and fall, making him laugh hysterically.  On the third attempt, he tries to stick something into my back to control me but I flip over his head, gripping it with both hands and, as hard & quick as possible, twist it, breaking his neck.  He crumples to the ground and the boxcars disappear along with everybody else and some more one story buildings grow up from the ground.

As fast as I can and barefoot, I take off to a shed sitting by itself on the far side of the road.  Inside are more guns than most people would know what to do with.  I know sure as hell what I am going to do with them.  Shots ring off in the distance followed by orders being yelled out; they are coming for me.  I strap myself like a one man army and kick the door open.  I run in the opposite direction of the shouts, desperate to get away to warn others of this place but ready to fight.  A bright flash whites everything out.  I wake up.

I had a strange dream last night: 

It feels nostalgic outside, the energy reminds me of my childhood. Bags packed, I walk across a side street to an abandoned gas station, curious of the fact that it is abandoned but everything in it and around it is brand new. The air is cooling from evening setting in and it smells like grass that has been cut a few days ago. In the shade that tints everything in a cool blue color and slowly envelops everything around me, I look back and reminisce about my time at the old wooden building I just left. The outside is splintered and weathered–more grey than any other color but the inside was so warm, so symmetrical and comforting. The lighting inside is soft but has no direct source.

The crunching of rubber on gravel snaps me out of my reverie and to my surprise, the cab from the intro of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”–cabbie and all, is sitting in front of me, engine idling. I throw my bags in the back seat and smush my pillows on top of them. As I open the door, the cab driver asks if I’m ready to go and I pause. I remember that there had been nobody in that wooden building and I should go back to find someone. I pull my bags and pillows from the back seat and tell him that he has to go without me, that I will call him when I am ready. He smiles and drives away and I make my way back into the structure that seems so weary and sad on the outside but is so serene and warm on the inside.

Right after stepping foot inside, the door seals itself shut with a thin, almost translucent light around the frame and it disappears. A long hallway runs on forever but it somehow contains a number of rooms in it that I can see simultaneously. The walls are a deep, rich, cherrywood color, the floor is tan, unreflective and seems heated from below. Before I am through my second step, a long wooden table grows up from the ground before me–chairs included, and the seats are occupied by cancer patients. The aroma of the food on the table is tantalizing, even for my picky tastes, and I walk to the head of it.

Half of the guests are wearing hospital robes and the other half are wearing some ancient looking, but plain robes. I ask them who they are but they are silent. With their thoughts they tell me that they are on the verge of dying and I am overcome with sadness-nothing dramatic, but very deep and slow. They smile at me and proceed to enjoy their last meal together. I want to ask them where they are from, who they represent, and one thousand other questions but I know they will not give me an answer so I take hold of an unassuming chalice, buffed so well that it seemed to be emanating it’s own light source, raise it to my eye level and say something in a language I have never heard before. In unison, everybody else repeats it, causing the light in the room to glow brighter and everything goes completely dark with a low rumble.

I am outside again and this time in front of a more modern looking building waiting to have the door opened for me. I notice that I am carrying a small Bichon Frise in my arm and immediately regret leaving my boxer, Thane, at home. I am walked inside and given a tour of the facility, finally led into the room where I am to take part in a dog grooming competition. The area is setup like a computer lab of sorts–each person has their own cubicle that becomes invisible when they wish to speak with others. I set my dog on the table and notice it’s body is missing; there is nothing amiss about it, and the dog seems quite content. I proceed with the hair cut of the dog head and finish quickly. The results are announced as soon as I am finished and I did not win. I’m not upset because I am told I have something waiting for me downstairs. As I walk toward the door to descend, everything slowly evaporates in front of me and I “wake up” in a desert.

Everything is black & white and all around me are broken, wooden rails and blown out stone columns like an old set of ruins. A fair skinned, dark haired woman is standing at the far end where the exit is. She is motionless as I approach her, my cloak billowing in the strong wind gusts. She pulls out the hilt of a sword and it makes the familiar sound of a lightsaber as the blade extends from it. I hold my palm out to face her and mine flips up from my belt into my hand and lights up in a bright red. We engage each other in combat relentlessly for what seems to be an hour. She pulls a second saber from her belt and I dramatically bellow something at her; that phrase turns my blade into a long saber-whip. The fight that ensued seems choreographed; nonetheless, I am very impressed with how I handle it so naturally. After defeating her, she states that the only reason I won was because of my whip-like lightsaber so I close my eyes and focus momentarily, turning it back into a blade and point it at her neck, keeping her from moving. She slowly steps aside and tells me that I have succeeded and may now go. Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I walked into St. Pauls–the old Methodist church I went to as a child.  My family was with me and we passed by our old pastor.  He was busy, but very surprised to see me back from the southwest after 3 years.  He motioned for my family and I to go in, signifying that he will catch up with me later.  I noticed that the ceilings were higher and the windows clear…bigger than they had been when I used to attend.  We took our seats and pastor Greg began his sermon; minutes into it, a column of smoke billowed out from the pulpit and he changed into a Pope–not THE pope, but A pope, robes and all, using the remainder of his time to rail against the Episcopalians.  I grew bored of his ranting and left, deciding to go check on my car.

Everything seemed normal and I popped the trunk, hoisting a large semi-bendable tube over my shoulder and putting the head of it to the trunk floor, pouring a watery ice cream substance onto it.  I spread it around evenly for a few minutes and my concentration was broken by laughter coming from the car next to me.  I slammed the trunk shut and found myself glaring at…..Ben Affleck.  With a smirk on his face, he told me that he is now the pastor of that church and I will not be able to stop him.  I dropped the tube to the ground and stomped one of my feet, curtly informing him that no such thing is going to take place.  Off he went, sprinting for the church and I followed suit; the chase took us to the inner section of the church and he ran into the pastor’s office to change into the robes.  I am not the pastor so I donned the assistant pastor’s robes, nervous that if people saw me in them, they would become upset, and I was angry that Ben Affleck did not care if he upset anybody who saw him in the pastor’s robes.

We took off again, Ben ran through a door and down a tunnel whose use is reserved for the head of the church.  I took a side hallway in an attempt to cut him off.  The hallway lead to a single room with green-glass windows and not much sunlight able to penetrate them.  Mr. Affleck burst through the door shortly after I did and we charged each other, tackling simultaneously and clawing at each others robes (I would like to interject here and state that this part could have been due to a possible wrestling match with my comforter while I slept).  I was able to rip some gold thread from his robe, causing him to pause momentarily and his eyes to well up with water.  He jumped through the green window, causing a bright white flash to fill the room.  Darkness followed.

I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear distant footsteps and my own breathing.  A quick flash enabled me to see again, and Ben ran into the back of the sanctuary, paused, and slowly walked up the left side of the aisle.  I waited patiently by the door and as he passed, opened it, grabbed him, and threw him to the ground, quickly closing it to avoid any attention.  He ran toward the rear back doors but I managed to leap on him at the last second, preventing him from escaping.  He threw me off and we stood, squaring up on each other and begun our fist fight finally.  He hit me twice in the jaw, which made me furious; I racked his head with my bare knuckles, hitting him everywhere, especially in his eyes.

After ten minutes of fighting, he stumbled to the side and I grabbed him by his shirt collar, raising my fist for the finishing strike.  Just then, Beth appeared at my side, the double doors burst open and a wealthy family walked through.  On the arm of the gentleman leading the group was Beth.  I looked at Beth next to me and then the one at the side of the wealthy fellow and stood back to think about the likely hood of her having a twin.  Beth #2 walked to the Beth by my side and leaned forward to kiss her.  Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I took a trip to Howell, Michigan and was walking around the town. I walked into Jen’s old place and just kinda zoned out while i stared at one of the walls. A wave of sadness came crashing down onto my chest. I left. Stepping outside i noticed i was carrying a package but wasn’t sure what it was. I headed down West Grand River but it looked different. A few minutes into my walk i noticed Jen on the other side of the street and she was with her friend Mike. Shock was my reaction and it was followed by another wave of heavy sadness. I was wondering what she was doing here and found out that she lived here again. I ignored her and turned the corner, not wanting to talk with her because it hurt too much. I don’t know why but i felt so sorry for her. 

Walking along the other side of that block, i passed 3 men at an outside table at a bar who were drinking and laughing. One made a joke to me as i passed so i stopped and responded with a smart-ass reply, making them laugh. I told them that i didn’t know why i was here and it hurt. They pulled a chair out for me and i took a seat. They ordered me some kind of drink-something with whiskey. At that moment, Jen and Mike came from around the corner i was headed to before being seated. I tried ignoring them but they came right up to us. I don’t remember what we were all talking about but Jen started flirting with the guy next to me and looked at me while she did it, trying to get a reaction out of me. I kept my cool and ignored it. After 5 minutes or so the guy got up and started leaving with Jen, he was going to go fuck her. That pissed me off-the dude was a total loser. Jen didn’t care, she knew it bothered me. I wanted to hit him but they left too soon and the guy texted me telling me to “back off i’m gonna have some fun with this one”. My skin turned red when i read that and i slammed my 2 fists onto the table i was standing by, shattering it into thousands of pieces. The other 2 guys and Mike looked at me and shifted uneasily. I swore i would find that guy and beat him into the ground. Everything went black.

When i could see again i was 8 blocks south of that location and the town was destroyed. I walked over to a side street where there was a wounded man sitting by himself. I asked what happened but he had no voice and tried using only his lips to explain it to me. I was overcome with regret and walked out into the main road and stumbled into a house that was missing its back half. I heard gunshots in the distance and ran to the paneless window to see what was happening. There were a few soldiers running to the house and they saw me. I ran out of the house and up the street, passing them, and met up with my friend Rizzle. He and i both strapped ourselves on the 2nd story of another blown out building and waited, watching as a group of 200+ soldiers charged our building. I slammed my fist onto the floor and a red shiled symbol appeared where i had struck. I looked out the front of the building and all of the soldiers screamed in pain and i watched them all either burst into flames or melt right on the spot. Riz and i left the building, running back down that main street. Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was on a lamp-lit street in some run down ghetto area at night. Standing by a cop car i noticed a bad man trying to get in, posing as a cop but i knew he wasn’t. I held up my gun, which had plastic casing and was all white, and ordered him out of the car. He complied so i yelled at him to put his hands on his head and then lie down. He did at first but then reached for his small black gun and i yelled at him to put it down. He didn’t listen so i shot him in the chest. He was shocked. A large crimson puddle stained his chest but he got up and began slowly walking toward me. He would not listen to my orders so over the course of a few minutes i ended up emptying the entire clip into his torso and 3 shots into his face. It didn’t phase him, in fact the more i shot him the less it hurt him. He continued his slow approach to me and i turned around and ran. We crossed a street and he ran to a blacked out apartment building, apartment building number 88 on Jay Street and Soliare (crossroads). 

I called 9-1-1 but was put on hold by the operator. I staked out by the building for a few hours and heard him yelling confessions form the window. I left and walked a few blocks away and it was suddenly morning. I scooped up a bunch of dirt and pebbles from a “reputable” drug-dealers front yard (if such a thing exists) and turned them to drugs. I headed back in the direction of that blacked out apartment throwing flat stones across the street which signified that i had drugs and was selling. An old, grey Lincoln car approached and the passenger rolled down the window, looked at what i had, felt it and left. I took off in the opposite direction and wound my way through the bad neighborhood, running so fast everything was blurred. i kept holding out the flat stones to see if anybody wished to buy from me but nobody did. I ran through an athletic field where people were hanging out and some playing sports. Only a few white people were there.

I approached an out-of-the-way field and ran past my childhood friend Colin Willard and turned around. We ran up to each other and hugged and caught up a bit He said he had graduated school with 200 credits and was now coaching a sports team. Something was off about him. We parted ways and i was suddenly in my grooming salon. As usual, i was joking around with everyone and Mia came in. She walked to the back door area where Dana was and they laughed about something and Dana licked her tongue a bit, which made me laugh. Mia then came over to hang out with me and reached around to my front and grabbed my chest and wrapped her legs around me. I just stood there with her on my back looking in the mirror. A customer came in and her kid walked right back with her and the dog. The dog, some kind of orange puppy jumped into my arms and Mia cursed at the customer for something, saying the word “fuck” and started to shake. Eventually the lady and her kid left and i took the dog. Jenny was beside me and joking with me about something and i just kept staring at her which made her uneasy but i found it funny.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was in what appeared to be a bedroom of sorts and the tv was on. There was a kid in there wearing a black shirt and in this middle of his shirt there was a small white box with another person in it shooting a pistol but he couldn’t control it and was flailing his arms everywhere. I found this hilarious and so did my best friend Brandon and we both began laughing hysterically. The kid with the shirt looked at us and was not sure why we were laughing so much. I also noticed Justine was there. When she looked over at me the walls disappeared and all of us were outside and it was night time. 

We were all walking along a fence , on our side there was a lot of trees and shrubs, some of which were bare. The other side of the fence was just grass and some concrete. I was talking with them and Justine’s sister Megan came up behind me. I was mid-sentence and started laughing again about that kid’s shirt which made Brandon start to crack up as well. After i had composed myself, Megan, Justine, and Brandon asked why i was here with them. I became sad and told them that i always feel so conflicted about why i am here and that i want to move back to New jersey to be able to see them all again. They smiled.

Everything went black for a few minutes and when i could see again i was in an apartment i did not recognize. 3 people were there, including my brother and we were all in some type of video game, We were fighting an evil man that reminded me of the Emperor guy from Star Wars. When i realized how to harm him, i tried switching my character but the Emperor threw a temper and so i quit.

I left that apartment and went to my own. As i opened the door, the girl who played the Emperor character appeared next to me and seemed apologetic for throwing such a fit. I invited her in and went to my bathroom to arrange some shampoo bottles and she watched me do it for some reason. Must have been like watching some intense Jenga competition.

Anyway, i left the bathroom and went to the bedroom where a female roommate of mine tackled me to the floor. Laying on top of me, i grabbed her close and we stayed like that for a moment. I let her go and the other girl came in and i was speaking to the two of them but at this point was buzzed. My speech was a bit slurred and i was explaining to them why i no longer tell people about what i believe and what had happened to me a few years ago to cause me to refuse to tell people. Woke up.