Old newspaper maps telling prophecies. A telekenetic.

June 7, 2009

I had a strange dream last night:

I was sitting next to some drawers talking with my friend Sam but she was not there. She was out somewhere but we were still able to talk. I opened one of the drawers and pulled out a newspaper clipping that had some text messages on it of mine and some facebook statuses. Below my status were comments from people i had known in my past. I looked at a few more newspapers and there were prophecies on them. I read through one of them and at the end, it stated that “Tectate is coming to pass”. (No idea if that is even a real word or not). I became very unsettled and nervous when i read this but continued reading. The next one warned of Tectate and the 6th root race (whatever that means) coming to an end with a great war following. Upon reading this, a giant, worn, old-world style map unfolded in front of me, made out of all of the newspapers. It looked like a normal map except there was a massive land formation in the shape of a Greek cross between the west and east-in the middle of the atlantic. I was in shock at seeing this and the room began to tremble. 

Everything was gone. I was in an empty room and could see no walls. I looked to my right and there was an individual laying on a table by themself. I heard some mumbling and took a few steps forward and suddenly i heard someone yelling to get an isotope reading on that person on the table. “Get us radiation readings!” he yelled. I could now hear the person better and they seemed to be in some kind of altered state of mind or trance. The yelling became louder the more the person on the table spoke and i heard them start to prophecy. The men yelling for radiation readings came into sight but kept their distance and demanded to know who was there (who was inside that person on the table).

“Identify yourself!” they screamed.

“No.” firmly responded the person/thing possessing the person.

“Identify yourself!”


“Identify yourself!”


The room crackled and popped and i heard a high pitched whining noise and the room began shaking. The walls crumbled and all of the men began bleeding from the eyes and ears and collapsed. A few tried to run but were crushed by the walls. I tried to run as well but the person laying on the table, who had not moved an inch throughout this whole ordeal, boomed the word “STAY!” and i couldn’t move. I got the feeling something or someone was staring at me and it intensified over the course of a few minutes. That feeling transformed into one of being surrounded-i’m not sure by what but there were a great many. I spun around and everything went black. Woke up.


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