I had a strange dream last night:Late afternoon had set in and my family and I were on the way to dinner.  My brother was bringing a guest: Mariah Carey.  My two sisters became excited and my brother appeared with her almost instantly.  I sat next to her in the backseat, wondering how he even knew her but not caring for too long because she was wearing a very short skirt.

We arrived at the restaurant and I took my seat at the head of the table, my pop at the other end and everyone else between us.  I had wanted to sit close to Mariah so hat I could make her laugh but I quickly forgot that she was even there due to her boring dinner conversation.  An Indian couple that I knew from my dreams was present as well and I gave up my seat for the male so he could sit next to his wife.  Within the blink of an eye, my surroundings changed and I found myself sitting with my brother and friends Dids, Tonya, B, Justine, and James on a couch outside in an industrial park by an elongated pool similar to the one that sits before the Taj Mahal.  We were watching the movie “The Other Guys” and I was high so naturally laughing harder than everyone else at it.

In the distance a man approached, walking unevenly.  The closer he came the more I noticed how grotesque and disturbing his face was along with a creepy kind of giggle he kept trying to hold back.  Piece by piece, kevlar plate armor appeared on my body accompanied by the sound of metal clashing.  Within seconds, I was fully donned and charged the creepy man who turned out to be the Joker as played by Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight”.  For hours he and I fought; my strength grew the more angry I became with him to the point where I was able to pick him up and throw him through the air.  That wasn’t enough, I threw him into the elongated pool, which turned into a pier right before he hit the water.  A random man approached, watching the fight intently and decided to intervene.  I hit him in the face once and broke….everything.  Blood trickled out from a few different points of his face and he fell into the water and drowned.  The Joker laughed.  In fact, the more I beat on him, the less he cared–the more he laughed and the less it hurt him.  I pulled him out of the water and threw him headfirst into the wall and he collapsed into a heap, watching me the entire time.  He rapidly opened and closed his jaw, the sound of him straining to breathe could be heard over everything else.  He wasn’t trying to breathe, he was still laughing.  His bloodshot eyes turned jet black and he emanated such intense and reckless evil that it almost seemed like a physical substance.  This was not the Joker, at least not anymore; this was the devil.  I could recognize him from his appearance in my other dreams.  I grew a little anxious and angrier, lifted him up with one arm, repeatedly throwing his head into the concrete wall causing chunks of it to fall to the ground and crumble to dust.  He laughed repeatedly as I did this and his laughs turned into barks that you would hear from a Rottweiler.

The ground rumbled slightly.  I needed to kill this creature for good.  I grabbed him by his jacket collar, dragging him along the pier much to the horror of the people present (but had not been present before).  Shouts filled the air of how to deal with the devil but I walked intently toward a raised platform upon which stood an elevated metallic casket of sorts.  It was filled with boiling acid and without hesitation I threw the side of his face right up against the grate. A raspy scream mixed with more barking cut through the air but I would not release him.  I wanted to kill him and to make him suffer on his way to death.  I grit my teeth in anger and threw the rest of his body in and slammed it shut.

To the east a pale light filled the green swirling clouds.  The casket disappeared and it started to snow.  I was in the company of some soldiers like myself and we were quietly talking amongst ourselves as to where we should go.  Through the thick of clouds swirling above us, a bright circular light on the underside of a disc emanated fog and illuminated our position.  We grabbed our rifles and aimed but the disc would not stop moving around.  It seemed to roll as it moved back and forth.  I pulled my phone out and recorded this phenomena as a smaller light was dispatched from the disc and sped toward us.  It turned into a more cylindrical shaped object and latched onto the face of one of my comrades.  We quickly ran over to him to pry it from him but it zipped away before we could do anything.  His face was bruised and coated in some kind of fluid.  A loud, almost robotic exhaust noise filled the air and more slick and metallic objects in the shape of four legged animals with slightly elongated necks but no faces descended from the hovering craft and assaulted us.  They pinned down a few of my friends, “licking” them all over & covering them in that strange liquid as if they were marking them.  I tackled one and reached for my gun but it headbutted me, sending me flying a few feet through the air.  I was not sure how to harm these things as they had no face and no detail to them whatsoever.  They were smooth and metallic all over with no obvious weaknesses.  Simultaneously, they turned into globes of light and flew up into the craft, which quickly ascended and descended altitude over us.  I continued recording with my phone.  Within the blink of an eye, it was gone.

We gathered ourselves and checked each other over for injuries.  Everything seemed ok but we were slightly shaken up.  We were all wondering the same thing: what the FUCK just happened and what was that?  It wasn’t snowing anymore.  The clouds above us seemed impenetrable now but continued to slowly billow up and swirl around.  We moved out toward the cell towers on the other side of the bridge by us.  As we arrived, I noticed someone descending the tower the way a spider would.  I got the chills but also rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness of what was happening–so absurdly unbelievable it all was.  This “person” approached us, stern and cold.  It snatched one of my comrades, the leader, and he disappeared.  When the creature reappeared it asked us for our second in command.  I became nervous, thinking he might take me away, but everyone pointed to the soldier in our group that nobody was too fond of.  He was the unofficial second in command and gave a look of resignation to this creature and begrudgingly volunteered himself.  I slowly reached for my knife, intent on stabbing this creature to kill him and save my comrade but another friend of mind quickly grabbed my hand and shook his head no.  Another friend disappeared with the creature, leaving a bolt of horizontal lightning behind that lit up the clouds.  The night grew even darker.  We stared at one another with no idea what to do next, as this…..thing could seemingly be anywhere at any time. I woke up.


I had a strange dream last night:

Standing in the middle of an expansive field with patches of wheat growing, i looked west. The sun was nine times it’s size–a deep orange color with the center blacked out by a planet. I was in awe. There was a bright ring surrounding it from which “arms” of light lashed out from. I desperately searched for my camera or phone to record it but couldn’t find either. A great many of the people present began to panic and i heard somebody yell out “2012!” but i glared at them, scoffing at their hysteria and inability to remain calm and collected. There was a monk standing next to me and i asked what was happening to our sun. He replied “This is all” and then he ran at full speed toward the sun. 

The scenery changed and i was at my old house on Lawrence Lane. My family was packing the SUV to get out of there. I helped and so did my friend Mike. Instead of getting into the car, we all ran out back but the backyard was our yard from another house we had lived in when i was a child. As we approached a fence, i noticed i was carrying a tray of uncut brownies so yelled at my friend Mike to cut them into squares. He did so with his finger. Weird. A finger? Yea, a finger.

We ran through that person’s backyard and jumped into the SUV and took off. My dad was driving like a madman. After 10 minutes of driving i looked to my left and saw a gigantic cathedral crumble and collapse into dust as the gong of it’s bells could be heard.

Not long after that, we were on I-17, leaving Arizona. I watched on my left as geysers exploded as we drove past them, commenting on it to everyone in the car. An intense sadness overcame me as i realized we were leaving Arizona–even though we had to if we wanted to survive.

Dad’s driving was freaking out my ma but he didn’t seem to hear her protests to slow down; he wove out into the oncoming traffic lane to pass a car and just barely squeezed through the two cars. Roadblocks popped up ahead of us–concrete barriers, causing us to swerve back and forth. Others’ hadn’t been so lucky and their cars were wrecked. After passing through them all, one last one popped up and it had black spots all over it, which my dad avoided but we went off the bridge. My mom screamed and i kind of chuckled over the absurdity of everything that had happened thus far. The vehicle slammed into the river and i yelled out “I love manual windows!” and rolled mine down to get everyone out. Everything went black.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was at work at Petsmart and the sky outside the window was dark and stormy. After some time, someone has yelled out something i couldn’t understand since i was not paying attention but i went over to them and they were pointing out the window. My jaw dropped. Outside, maybe a mile or two away, were 3 twisters, 2 of which seemed to be dancing around each other. I yelled out “sisters!” and two more tornadoes appeared on the opposite side. The skies grew even darker and the phone rang. I answered it; it was someone wanting to make an appointment but i couldn’t understand here because the line kept cutting out. The lights went out in the store but everyone was still trying to go about their business. After maybe ten minutes, there were a great many people in the grooming salon all staring out the window. The tornado was only 50 feet away and i hung up the phone, scrambling to get to the door away from the window. People were screaming to take cover and huddle up by the wall. I became frightened at this point, as i saw the huge twister come into view, shattering the glass. I thought to myself “how is it that i am going to fucking die from a tornado….in ARIZONA!?” 

Before i knew it, we were all being lifted into it and i tried holding onto the arms of someone but the force was too strong and i was thrown up into the air with everyone/thing else. I opened my eyes and the inside was gorgeous–a tiny, luminescent funnel seemed to be what kept the twister going. After only a few minutes inside of it, it vanished and the roof of Petmart was missing, along with almost everything else aside from a few tables and a bed that somehow got there. I walked over to it, sat down, and wondered aloud if a tank was heavy enough to remain on the ground during a tornado. Two of my coworkers told me that it could.

I “woke up” in my bedroom, my computer on Facebook, where i had just posted on my wall that i had been in an actual tornado. I was laying in the middle of my floor and an African man, a leader of the R.U.F. was there, installing a cage panel over the door. For some reason i helped put it in and then went back to the floor. I could hear the news in the backround and saw a giant map appear in front of me. The United States had launched a nuclear attack in response to the tornados and the nuke hit India and western China. There were color grids showing the damage, fallout, and radiation and the parts that had been incinerated.