I had a strange dream last night:

I was at work at Petsmart and the sky outside the window was dark and stormy. After some time, someone has yelled out something i couldn’t understand since i was not paying attention but i went over to them and they were pointing out the window. My jaw dropped. Outside, maybe a mile or two away, were 3 twisters, 2 of which seemed to be dancing around each other. I yelled out “sisters!” and two more tornadoes appeared on the opposite side. The skies grew even darker and the phone rang. I answered it; it was someone wanting to make an appointment but i couldn’t understand here because the line kept cutting out. The lights went out in the store but everyone was still trying to go about their business. After maybe ten minutes, there were a great many people in the grooming salon all staring out the window. The tornado was only 50 feet away and i hung up the phone, scrambling to get to the door away from the window. People were screaming to take cover and huddle up by the wall. I became frightened at this point, as i saw the huge twister come into view, shattering the glass. I thought to myself “how is it that i am going to fucking die from a tornado….in ARIZONA!?” 

Before i knew it, we were all being lifted into it and i tried holding onto the arms of someone but the force was too strong and i was thrown up into the air with everyone/thing else. I opened my eyes and the inside was gorgeous–a tiny, luminescent funnel seemed to be what kept the twister going. After only a few minutes inside of it, it vanished and the roof of Petmart was missing, along with almost everything else aside from a few tables and a bed that somehow got there. I walked over to it, sat down, and wondered aloud if a tank was heavy enough to remain on the ground during a tornado. Two of my coworkers told me that it could.

I “woke up” in my bedroom, my computer on Facebook, where i had just posted on my wall that i had been in an actual tornado. I was laying in the middle of my floor and an African man, a leader of the R.U.F. was there, installing a cage panel over the door. For some reason i helped put it in and then went back to the floor. I could hear the news in the backround and saw a giant map appear in front of me. The United States had launched a nuclear attack in response to the tornados and the nuke hit India and western China. There were color grids showing the damage, fallout, and radiation and the parts that had been incinerated.