I had a strange dream last night:

I was in the hallway of a school with a group of people i do not know in real life, but in my dream i did. We were all hanging out wandering the halls and ended up on the west side of the school and stayed there. My friend Tammy was there and was very sad for some reason so i went over to her and hugged her. I kept my arm around her shoulder and closed my eyes for a few minutes, making her feel better. I was transferring sunlight into her. The walls in front of us disappeared and a few miles out from us was some sort of amusement park area. There were lights hovering around the buildings and one of the buildings, shaped like the Washington State space needle had a beam of that luminescent light beneath it in a pillar shape. The light became more intense and a roaring sound could be heard and suddenly the building shattered and collapsed and we applauded. The large rectangular building next to it underwent a similar process only this time the lights rained down onto it and caused it to explode in all directions, throwing some of the debris at us. Some of the people in the hallway screamed and we all ran to get out of the way of the debris, running down the hallways looking safe rooms to stay in. 

I arrived at the end of the hallway and found the room i wished to take cover in, keeping the door open for a few more of the people i had been hanging out with and we slammed the door shut. Rumbling could be heard and i shut my eyes for a moment. When i opened them i had a bird’s eye view of the entire area as if i were in a helicopter and circling the area. The scene changed from the one i saw on the ground to a map of the west-specifically Vegas, but each building represented an area of the west. What looked to be like demolitions turned out to be blatant attacks and bombings on these buildings and people, lost and terrified, were running everywhere. I watched buildings the size of small states collapse from bombs raining down on them. Soldiers appeared and shot at civilians, arrested them and chased them.

I was no loger in the sky but on the fringes of this mayhem and encouraged the group i was with to keep moving and stay out of the way of the flying debris. At one point they became too frightened and stood still, attracting the attention of the soldiers. A handful of them charged us-their silhouettes rapidly approaching us as a 90-story tower was rocked by a massive explosion and collapsed. I yelled for the people to follow me but some went in the opposite direction and were shot down. I had only a small number following me, looking back as the others were incapacitated or beaten to death. Everything went black. Woke up.