I had a strange dream last night:

I was out at sea on a cruiser ship with some others. Some of the people jumped off the ship and swim with it but i did not, as i have a fear of being that far out in the ocean. The water was beautiful however, the color of sapphires. After awhile, the captain of the ship took it a bit deeper under the water so that the deck was almost parallel with the surface of the water. I asked him about the likely hood of sharks and no sooner than when he mentioned tiger and bull sharks did one show up alongside of the boat. I became just a little nervous, seeing that the deck was now submerged a foot or so under the water and the shark was swimming along side of it. I took a seat and watched as the captain turned the ship around, trying to get it away from the shark and felt its teeth sink into my hand a bit. I yelled out that the shark was biting and we needed to go, which kicked off this cat and mouse game of sorts between the captain and the shark. It go to the point where the captain would flip the ship or pull immediate 180’s but the shark was able to keep up. As the ship was handled like this a few people fell off and into the water, becoming a prey for the sea mammal though most of them were able to get back on. One of the people who turned out to be a celebrity (can’t recall whom) was not able to get back on so i waited for the next flip and when the captain did it, i reached into the water, grabbed her by the ankle and lifted her onto the deck, saving her from the shark’s attack. 

After a few more minutes of evasion the shark jumped onto the deck and was standing on 4 scaly legs. I laughed and then freaked out a bit, wondering aloud-and with plenty of expletives how a shark could do such a thing. I spear tackled it, wrestling with the beast and threw it back into the water but it swam back up to the surface and lept back onto the boat. At this point it looked kind of like my roommate’s boxer, Mason. I looked behind me and Mason was there growling at it and the shark-thing went after him. I intercepted it and it bit my arm causing it to gush blood so i pushed it back and started punching it in it’s face, driving it it the edge of the deck. Once again i knocked it back into the water but it came right back up, causing the captain to become frustrated and drive the ship to shore. I held the shark creature down until we arrived and had another person help me carry it across the sand to a table which i ordered to be cleared. I asked one of the men there to shoot this beast and put it out of it’s misery. He was hesitant but did so when i cleared off the table. One bullet was put through it’s head, the other through it’s chest and it slowly died. Everyone cheered but i felt a bit of sadness for it and walked it to the water and lowered it in, letting the ocean pull it back out.

My surroundings changed at that point. I was still by the shore at that point but the area behind me was grassy with a large white building sitting on the grass. Thousands were there-half of them celebrities and all were mourning over the shark. What looked to be a funeral pyre was being constructed by all of the attendees and it was made from a stick everyone held in their hand. The light colored ones were supposed to be thrown in first but i walked up and threw in mine which was tan. I stepped a few feet away from the pyre and looked back, noting that there was a large group of white celebrities gathered together and a same-size group of black ones. I went over to the black crowd and noticed a number of hip-hop and rap artists. They were all joking and having a great time and i joined in with them, commenting on Cam’rons sweet-ass solid gold glock he had at his front. I looked down at my front and noticed my own glock pushed into my pants. I became very happy at this and Cam’ron joked, asking me when i was going to need that since i lived in Sedona. I laughed and told him about this one time when i had to kill this strange shark creature thing with it and he shook his head in shock over the story.

It was getting late so we all took our leave, everyone splitting up into smaller groups and heading for some boats waiting for us at the dock. Once the boats were fully loaded, they took off with great speed and as we cruised through the water i noticed thousands of people stranded in the water. They were screaming with such fear and desperation it shook me to my very core. I asked about these people and was told that the Titanic had sunk and these people were left behind. I could feel thumps under our boat as it sped along…..the boats were driving right over some of the people. I felt sick. It was wrong. The boats sped to the next dock, where i changed over to another one to join my brother and sister. I saw my aunt and cousins on the boat next to me and my aunt looked shocked and not very responsive. I screamed her name as we pulled away but she didn’t respond. My screams were drowned out by the thousands stuck in the water again. I leaned back at struck up a humorous conversation with this black woman on the boat who apparently already knew me quite well. She made me feel less afraid. Afterward, i went to the middle of the boat and sat down with my sister and brother and we said nothing for the remainder of the boat ride. We pulled into the third dock and i woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was in the hallway of a school with a group of people i do not know in real life, but in my dream i did. We were all hanging out wandering the halls and ended up on the west side of the school and stayed there. My friend Tammy was there and was very sad for some reason so i went over to her and hugged her. I kept my arm around her shoulder and closed my eyes for a few minutes, making her feel better. I was transferring sunlight into her. The walls in front of us disappeared and a few miles out from us was some sort of amusement park area. There were lights hovering around the buildings and one of the buildings, shaped like the Washington State space needle had a beam of that luminescent light beneath it in a pillar shape. The light became more intense and a roaring sound could be heard and suddenly the building shattered and collapsed and we applauded. The large rectangular building next to it underwent a similar process only this time the lights rained down onto it and caused it to explode in all directions, throwing some of the debris at us. Some of the people in the hallway screamed and we all ran to get out of the way of the debris, running down the hallways looking safe rooms to stay in. 

I arrived at the end of the hallway and found the room i wished to take cover in, keeping the door open for a few more of the people i had been hanging out with and we slammed the door shut. Rumbling could be heard and i shut my eyes for a moment. When i opened them i had a bird’s eye view of the entire area as if i were in a helicopter and circling the area. The scene changed from the one i saw on the ground to a map of the west-specifically Vegas, but each building represented an area of the west. What looked to be like demolitions turned out to be blatant attacks and bombings on these buildings and people, lost and terrified, were running everywhere. I watched buildings the size of small states collapse from bombs raining down on them. Soldiers appeared and shot at civilians, arrested them and chased them.

I was no loger in the sky but on the fringes of this mayhem and encouraged the group i was with to keep moving and stay out of the way of the flying debris. At one point they became too frightened and stood still, attracting the attention of the soldiers. A handful of them charged us-their silhouettes rapidly approaching us as a 90-story tower was rocked by a massive explosion and collapsed. I yelled for the people to follow me but some went in the opposite direction and were shot down. I had only a small number following me, looking back as the others were incapacitated or beaten to death. Everything went black. Woke up.