I had a strange dream last night:

The warm, but dying glow of old librarian lamps meekly filled the darkness surrounding the desktops spread out across each side of the tracks.  This was an abandoned underground train station that had been halfway transformed into a makeshift library of sorts.  Worn shelves that had been exposed to more chaos than they were meant for lined the walls.  It was somewhat tranquil, surprisingly.  The sounds paralleled that of a grand library–the echoes of a cough, pages turning, and books thudding on the tables.

I set a small pile of books I had picked out on the desk and walked toward the tracks to cross to the other side.  A strong wind blew in from the southern tunnel and the lamp on my desk went out with the noise of a popping lightbulb.  An eerie energy emanated from the wind, giving me goosebumps.

I heard a scream on the next wind gust that came right at me; it was not audible, but I could hear it in my mind.  I stumbled back as the gust collided with me, carrying something with it that went into my body.  Whatever it was, it must have knocked me from myself as I was now watching myself in third person.  I collapsed onto my knees, covering my head and laughing slightly, my muscles twitching.  Someone approached me to see if I was alright and I shot to my feet, boring into their eyes with mine and lifting each foot alternately.  They screamed and ran toward the desks, causing others to look up at me and scream as well.

A dark green mist exploded from my body in every direction and I began to levitate, palms facing the dirty, concrete floor.  My body shook back and forth at such a speed that my outline became somewhat of a blur and my eyes lost the white and black of the pupil in them, turning completely blue.

A train horn sounded in the distance in the midst of people running in a panicked state and others hiding wherever they could.  A laugh escaped my throat that sounded like crumpled paper rubbing up against a piece of sandpaper.  The train came barging down the tracks through the tunnel and slammed into me.  Everything stopped for a second, filling the air with the sound of crunching metal, shattering glass and more people screaming.  It resumed in slow motion with sparks flying from the train wheels, the train cars jack-knifing, and stacks of books and papers on the desks bursting outward in every direction.  I slammed my fist into the front of the train and time resumed its normal speed.  It stopped dead in it’s tracks and went as limp as a locomotive can go when suddenly stopped after hitting an object at over 100mph.

Still levitating and feeling stretched very tight, I looked up at the faces staring at me–expressionless.  The desk that had my books on it earlier was in flames and I could not move.  I was terrified and could not will my body to do anything, as it was not in my possession anymore.  I woke up.




I had a strange dream last night:

I am in the midst of a great city by the water; it reminds me of the pictures I have seen of Venice, Italy, but the buildings are not as tall and there is a prevalent color scheme of light tan all throughout. I look into the water and hear laughter coming from behind me. I spin around and standing there, in a red dress, a dress that is alive and moves on its own, is the succubus that has been in my dream before. I do not know how to respond so I turn around, which infuriates her. She moans, causing me to look back at her, only to notice she has duplicated herself into another 4 . They all moan in different tones and then begin to wail, their pupils fully dilating as they do so. Their scarlet colored dresses begin to flutter and shake, scaring me. I take off running through the city, staying close to the water, and a long chase ensues. 

Eventually, having nowhere else to turn, I jump into the water, tossing my phobia of deep water to the wind. They do not come in after me, though one steps down into the water, slowly walking across it to get to me. I kick as hard as I can after submerging myself under the water and like a bolt of electricity, I surge through the water, leaving the city far behind. When I resurface, I am in the midst of the ocean. The city is far back on the horizon but I can still see the succubi easily. They’re growling and hissing at me, panting heavily and squirming.

I not only hear, but I feel a rumbling coming from deep within the ocean. The sound of thunder and roaring ensues, causing tidal waves to crash into one another all around me. I panic but have nowhere to go; my only focus is to keep my head above the water as long as I can. I look beneath me and a silhouette far larger than I can describe slowly moves to the surface. Within minutes, the mass rises from the deep. It is a bridge made of some kind of stone with metal plating in some areas–a metal tinted orange and pink. This is no ordinary bridge (aside from it coming out of the water like every other bridge does as a right of passage?), it makes the Golden Gate bridge appear like a tool shed next to the late twin towers. I look back and the succubi are still there; one of them hurls something in my direction–some kind of fireball. A tidal wave surges up, crashing into it and swallows it whole.

I look back at this bridge as it rises and grab hold onto a gargantuan bolt of some sort. I have the feeling that there is another 30 minutes to go before this structure stops rising from the water. Slowly, I make my way up the side of it, exhausted and losing strength in my arms. All I want is to rest. Another great roaring and rumbling sound builds and I look up to the sky and see a bright flash of light.

I wake up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was in the hallway of a school with a group of people i do not know in real life, but in my dream i did. We were all hanging out wandering the halls and ended up on the west side of the school and stayed there. My friend Tammy was there and was very sad for some reason so i went over to her and hugged her. I kept my arm around her shoulder and closed my eyes for a few minutes, making her feel better. I was transferring sunlight into her. The walls in front of us disappeared and a few miles out from us was some sort of amusement park area. There were lights hovering around the buildings and one of the buildings, shaped like the Washington State space needle had a beam of that luminescent light beneath it in a pillar shape. The light became more intense and a roaring sound could be heard and suddenly the building shattered and collapsed and we applauded. The large rectangular building next to it underwent a similar process only this time the lights rained down onto it and caused it to explode in all directions, throwing some of the debris at us. Some of the people in the hallway screamed and we all ran to get out of the way of the debris, running down the hallways looking safe rooms to stay in. 

I arrived at the end of the hallway and found the room i wished to take cover in, keeping the door open for a few more of the people i had been hanging out with and we slammed the door shut. Rumbling could be heard and i shut my eyes for a moment. When i opened them i had a bird’s eye view of the entire area as if i were in a helicopter and circling the area. The scene changed from the one i saw on the ground to a map of the west-specifically Vegas, but each building represented an area of the west. What looked to be like demolitions turned out to be blatant attacks and bombings on these buildings and people, lost and terrified, were running everywhere. I watched buildings the size of small states collapse from bombs raining down on them. Soldiers appeared and shot at civilians, arrested them and chased them.

I was no loger in the sky but on the fringes of this mayhem and encouraged the group i was with to keep moving and stay out of the way of the flying debris. At one point they became too frightened and stood still, attracting the attention of the soldiers. A handful of them charged us-their silhouettes rapidly approaching us as a 90-story tower was rocked by a massive explosion and collapsed. I yelled for the people to follow me but some went in the opposite direction and were shot down. I had only a small number following me, looking back as the others were incapacitated or beaten to death. Everything went black. Woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was on the border that separates Mexico and the United States. The sun was highest in the sky but i felt no heat. I’m not sure how i got there or what i was doing but i was hanging out with my friend Dana. We saw 4 people approaching on the horizon from the south, traveling at an incredible speed on foot. They arrived within seconds and when they approached us, they were quite dirty, disheveled and looked frightened. I felt very sorry for them and asked their names but they could only speak Spanish. They were pointing ahead of us and talking fast and appeared very nervous. 

Within minutes 2 black choppers flew in from the northern sky. They both half-circled around us and one, while trying to land, exploded into flames causing the second helicopter to take off and circle again. It landed and as they approached the 4 Spaniards, 2 disappeared and the other 2, a man and a woman, were arrested. I was informed that they were immigrants trying to sneak across the border. Now i felt conflicted. Given their state, i still felt sorry for them but i also felt a little resentment toward them. The rock they were sitting on turned into a black truck and they were put in the back and taken south again.

Dana and i just stared at each other and didn’t say much. We thought what just happened was a bit out of the ordinary. Cause hanging out on the border is so ordinary, right? Anyway, a giant butte rose up at my feet and i shouted with glee because i watched it grow from a thought form into a full and beautiful butte of the southwest. I definitely did not have that reaction but a butte did grow up right in front of me. Dana moved to the right side of it and i to it’s left. I watched a lion and 2 lionesses approach on Dana’s side. If i hadn’t been scared shitless i would have laughed at the absurdity of such creatures roaming America. “This is not Africa” i thought to myself. I later confirmed that America was definitely not in Africa.

One lioness faded away and another took her place right in front of the butte Dana and i were standing behind. The lion stood maybe 50 feet away from us. She and i gathered at the middle of the butte and discussed how we were supposed to get past this butte with that lioness there. The only option was to just try and walk past it. Now, i like to live my life on the edge but that seemed too boring for me. I did not like that idea because it’s likely she or i would be mauled and turned into a human Raggedy Anne doll within minutes. She told me that she would go first, which, for some reason, i was ok with. It was an altruistic decision on her part.

When it was settled, i noticed that the ground had sprouted some grass. I told Dana about it and she looked and we both watched in puzzlement as grass sprouted up everywhere behind this butte and at a very fast rate. She went around the right side and began her walk into the desert, heading north, past the lioness. I heard the wailing of a post-fetal youngling 25 feet from where i was and ran over to it. There in the grass, was a baby wrapped in white cloth. Totally normal, happens all the time, right? I picked the baby up and he seemed ok, i tickled his nose with my finger and named him, “Optimus Babyness”.

Looking up from the baby i noticed the lion pacing back and forth by the butte where Dana and i had been. Dana had gained some distance ahead of me and whispered for me to hurry up. I took one step forward and the lion was at my side. I was scared but wondered if this lion was going to protect me as my loyal companion for the rest of Dana and mine’s journey back to civilization. Nope. So wrong. I took another step forward and the lion slapped my side with his claw and then stood on his hind legs and bit down on my forearm-the same forearm holding Optimus Babyness (say that in a deep ominous voice-its awesome). I screamed for the lion to unhand me but he bit down harder. This time when i screamed, it sounded half like a lion’s roar. He shook my forearm in his mouth and this time i turned around to put my face in his and roared louder and just like an angry lion. I tried tearing my arm from it’s mouth and the baby vanished, all that was left was the white cloth, which i used to wrap around my forearm.

The lion was gone now, as was the butte and the lioness. I don’t know where Dana scampered off to but she was gone as well. I looked up and there were the red rocks of Sedona around me but nothing else. No houses or civilization. I woke up.