November 25, 2011

I had a strange dream last night:

I look up for a moment and notice the sky is a light blue and not a cloud is in the sky yet a haze seems to fill the expansiveness of it.  The late morning sun gives off a cool light; the high altitude only adds to the coolness of this summer day.  Short burst of gunfire split through the otherwise static air and I look ahead and take cover by a large rock jutting out of the pale desert sand.  My friends position themselves similarly and we give each other the nod, quickly stepping out from cover and running forward, rifles drawn.

Almost without transition, the landscape is literally rebuilt before our very eyes.  Day turns to early night, water bubbles out of the ground , forming a very small lake – the sides of which are walled with a very polished kind of concrete.  People appear from thin air and others crawl up from the ground but everybody is laughing, talking and enjoying themselves.  There is an air of festivity here, one hell of a contrast to the earlier tension that permeated the mountainous desert landscape.

I quickly walk to one of the cliffs on the far side of the pool and attack a well-armored soldier, pulling him from his small roofless hovercraft.  I hit him on the side of his mask and realize how foolish it was since he is wearing a mask.  My knuckles throb and I shake my hand quickly but before  he can retaliate I charge at him, throwing my shoulder into his torso, knocking him off the cliff.  I quickly turn around to handle his comrade, grabbing him by the collar of his body armor off the hovercraft and hold him at arms length.  I am caught off guard upon realizing I am looking at Jesus Christ – a heavily armored Son of God, actually.  He changes shape into an octopus/Jesus hybrid and tentacles slither out from the back of his head.  I grab a fistful of them and wrap them around his neck, spinning him around and kicking the back of his knee out, sending him stumbling off the cliff.  He falls much faster than the other soldier did and explodes into a mushroom cloud when he finally hits the hard ground hundreds of feet below, turning my sight to third person as I walk back from the cliff and the mushroom cloud billows up behind me, turning me into a silhouette.

Their hovercraft reminds me of a paddleboat and I curiously step up into it.  It slowly moves forward and I lean back, causing it to rise in altitude.  For the next hour I toy with this vehicle, repeatedly flying over the lake and everyone below.  I manage to fly high but there coms a point where a ceiling is built in accelerated real-time above my head and I am not permitted to go any higher.  I test my height a few more times but I get the same result.  I dip down to a foot above the lake’s surface where my ma and my little nephew are playing in the water.  My ma tells me that the hovercraft belongs to her and she wants it back but I am not about to give it up so easily.  I play hard to get, soaring over her and flying past her, enjoying the feeling of flight.  Nobody else at this lake seemed to care about the craft I was on which made me even happier that I could be left alone to fly as I wished.  The only exception was my brother, who asked how I got it.  I told him about the Jesus octopus mercenary and his friend and my brother just shook his head, laughing, causing midnight to set in.  Millions of stars glowed into existence making the constellations impossible to make out.  Finally, I brought the hovercraft as high as I could and leaned all the way forward, plunging it into the lake and dramatically exploding out from it again as if I were in a movie.

The ground begins to tremble slightly and everybody becomes a bit more quiet.  A loud rumbling breaks through the newly muted conversations and we all look up, seeing…something in the sky trailed by fire.  Almost everyone in the lake manages to escape before this object slams into it, throwing water everywhere.  The tail end of this object looks similar to a grouping of stalactites and the water around the object boils giving off an aura of steam. Random groups of people gather around the lake, picking up the debris and inspect it.  Two men begin to yell orders to everybody there in an attempt to take charge and secure the site, though they were civilians like everyone else.

I ran to the side of the lake closest to the object to further inspect this thing and the sound of impacting water erupted, followed by two large glossy black tentacles quickly wrapping themselves around a handful of people about twenty feet away, pulling them in despite their screams and protests.  Panic set in around the lake, causing lightning to flash in the sky and connect some of the stars with lightning bolts.  A humming noise rises up from the water as people foolishly gather at the site of the “monster kidnapping” but I don’t join them, I am too busy running along the lake trying to leave this area.  As I sprint, I see black snakes slithering in the water, rising and falling next to me.  I scream across the lake for my brother, ma, and nephew to run to the exit and wait for me.  They seem to be in a daze and do not respond, causing me to scream even louder for them to get to safety.  The rocks and rock walls around me begin to move, turning to snakes as well.  By this point, snakes are slithering everywhere, small snakes and other snakes the size of limousines made up of snakes wrapped around other snakes, forming these enormous ones.  A brightly colored green snake rises up in front of me and lunges forward to bite me but I swat it aside and keep running.  I get to the exit, two tall gray slabs of tall rock that give way to a bridge built on the ground that keeps disappearing and reappearing made of wooden planks.  I take one look back at the mayhem unfolding and see a bright red flash and everything then goes black.  I wake up.