I had a strange dream last night:

I am in the midst of a great city by the water; it reminds me of the pictures I have seen of Venice, Italy, but the buildings are not as tall and there is a prevalent color scheme of light tan all throughout. I look into the water and hear laughter coming from behind me. I spin around and standing there, in a red dress, a dress that is alive and moves on its own, is the succubus that has been in my dream before. I do not know how to respond so I turn around, which infuriates her. She moans, causing me to look back at her, only to notice she has duplicated herself into another 4 . They all moan in different tones and then begin to wail, their pupils fully dilating as they do so. Their scarlet colored dresses begin to flutter and shake, scaring me. I take off running through the city, staying close to the water, and a long chase ensues. 

Eventually, having nowhere else to turn, I jump into the water, tossing my phobia of deep water to the wind. They do not come in after me, though one steps down into the water, slowly walking across it to get to me. I kick as hard as I can after submerging myself under the water and like a bolt of electricity, I surge through the water, leaving the city far behind. When I resurface, I am in the midst of the ocean. The city is far back on the horizon but I can still see the succubi easily. They’re growling and hissing at me, panting heavily and squirming.

I not only hear, but I feel a rumbling coming from deep within the ocean. The sound of thunder and roaring ensues, causing tidal waves to crash into one another all around me. I panic but have nowhere to go; my only focus is to keep my head above the water as long as I can. I look beneath me and a silhouette far larger than I can describe slowly moves to the surface. Within minutes, the mass rises from the deep. It is a bridge made of some kind of stone with metal plating in some areas–a metal tinted orange and pink. This is no ordinary bridge (aside from it coming out of the water like every other bridge does as a right of passage?), it makes the Golden Gate bridge appear like a tool shed next to the late twin towers. I look back and the succubi are still there; one of them hurls something in my direction–some kind of fireball. A tidal wave surges up, crashing into it and swallows it whole.

I look back at this bridge as it rises and grab hold onto a gargantuan bolt of some sort. I have the feeling that there is another 30 minutes to go before this structure stops rising from the water. Slowly, I make my way up the side of it, exhausted and losing strength in my arms. All I want is to rest. Another great roaring and rumbling sound builds and I look up to the sky and see a bright flash of light.

I wake up.