I had a strange dream last night:

I found myself in a church and walked into a very large bathroom of sorts. There was only a toilet in the room and i ripped it up out from the ground. No water came out and it didn’t weigh much. I walked out into the congregation area and ran past a minister, clad in white robes. I yelled that the toilet was mine and they had had it long enough. He gave chase but i outran him, right out of the double doors. 

I stopped after a few paces outside and looked back in and he was not there. A pool of blood grew up into the floor and there were all kinds of creatures around it and they seemed to be lounging. Something ran up behind me and sunk it’s teeth into my neck. The toilet turned into a gold coin, freeing up my hands and i reached behind me pulling her in front of me with her back facing my chest. I pulled her tight and squeezed as hard as i could, trying to suffocate her. Apparently she was a vampire and she turned around and bit me again, turning the bloody pool a watered down shade of red.

After struggling with her, i got control and another thing came up and bit the other side of my neck, turning the blood a dark red to the point of it being almost black. It was some kind of demon. I threw the gold coin into the blood pool and the demon disintegrated and the female vampire turned into this nympho and tried fucking me. I punched her in her face, causing her to stumble back and held my hand out, palm facing the double doors, and the gold coin arose from the blood and flew back into my hand-hitting my palm with a slap. This normalized the nympho vampiress.

I looked at my feet and the ground beneath me dissolved like sand in an hourglass and turned to deep waters with a bridge on all 4 sides. Someone appeared behind me and she could fly and swim very well. I looked at myself and was 6 times the size of my normal self and had no skin, instead i was covered in this metal/rock substance and was huge. She chased me, trying to get the coin and i grabbed her by the head, throwing her into the water. She swam back up and a smaller version of her ran out of her torso and jumped on me, biting me ears. I grabbed it by the neck, snapped it’s neck, and tossed it into the water. At that moment a genderless entity swooped down in front of me, keeping ahead by a few paces. It had giant white wings on its calf muscles and was explaining to the woman trying to get the coin, what the coin meant. I grabbed one of it’s wings and ripped it off, causing her calf to bleed profusely. She vanished and the bridge vanished with her. In the place of the bridge, giant white pillars shot up from the water and i jumped from each one. The woman who could fly became afraid and stopped chasing me because she was afraid of the pillars. I jumped across the last one and into this rope made of fire. It was absorbed into my torso and great amounts of smoke began coming off of my body. I woke up.


I had a strange dream last night:

I was in a courtyard back in ancient Rome again, playing chess with this gorgeous Roman woman with reddish hair. She seemed a bit upset as we played and i asked what was wrong. The more she told me what was wrong, the angrier she became. As this happened, the chess pieces turned into chess piece-sized live humans and she began picking them up and cutting them into pieces with a knife she had with her. Killing them seemed to feed her anger and she would stab them, cut off limbs and eventually started biting the heads off of them, cursing them, and there was blood all over the chess board. I kind of stared at her, not believing that this was happening and she asked if i would help her kill a woman she hated. I informed her that i did not wish to get in the middle of her feud and that murder was not very fashionable. That remark pissed her off. I stood up and wished her a pleasant day, kind of laughing about it and took my leave. 

I blinked and suddenly was in another woman’s house with my sister, Rae. We were having lunch with the woman of the house and apparently BLT’s were all the rage back then because that is what we were eating. I hate BLT’s so mine must have just been a BL or something. We were also having some delicious red wine and the woman made a toast to good health, which i kind of laughed at, knowing the other woman was going to kill her that day. I did feel sorry for her, she was a nice woman on the surface and i had no knowledge of any treachery on her behalf. After lunch ended, my sister and i stood up to leave and she walked us to the door. She kissed my sister on the cheek and held her hand out to me, which i lightly kissed and thought about warning her. I decided against it and she wished us a good day. I looked back as we left her house and she had a smirk on her face and her eyes were dark. Woke up.