I had a strange dream last night:Late afternoon had set in and my family and I were on the way to dinner.  My brother was bringing a guest: Mariah Carey.  My two sisters became excited and my brother appeared with her almost instantly.  I sat next to her in the backseat, wondering how he even knew her but not caring for too long because she was wearing a very short skirt.

We arrived at the restaurant and I took my seat at the head of the table, my pop at the other end and everyone else between us.  I had wanted to sit close to Mariah so hat I could make her laugh but I quickly forgot that she was even there due to her boring dinner conversation.  An Indian couple that I knew from my dreams was present as well and I gave up my seat for the male so he could sit next to his wife.  Within the blink of an eye, my surroundings changed and I found myself sitting with my brother and friends Dids, Tonya, B, Justine, and James on a couch outside in an industrial park by an elongated pool similar to the one that sits before the Taj Mahal.  We were watching the movie “The Other Guys” and I was high so naturally laughing harder than everyone else at it.

In the distance a man approached, walking unevenly.  The closer he came the more I noticed how grotesque and disturbing his face was along with a creepy kind of giggle he kept trying to hold back.  Piece by piece, kevlar plate armor appeared on my body accompanied by the sound of metal clashing.  Within seconds, I was fully donned and charged the creepy man who turned out to be the Joker as played by Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight”.  For hours he and I fought; my strength grew the more angry I became with him to the point where I was able to pick him up and throw him through the air.  That wasn’t enough, I threw him into the elongated pool, which turned into a pier right before he hit the water.  A random man approached, watching the fight intently and decided to intervene.  I hit him in the face once and broke….everything.  Blood trickled out from a few different points of his face and he fell into the water and drowned.  The Joker laughed.  In fact, the more I beat on him, the less he cared–the more he laughed and the less it hurt him.  I pulled him out of the water and threw him headfirst into the wall and he collapsed into a heap, watching me the entire time.  He rapidly opened and closed his jaw, the sound of him straining to breathe could be heard over everything else.  He wasn’t trying to breathe, he was still laughing.  His bloodshot eyes turned jet black and he emanated such intense and reckless evil that it almost seemed like a physical substance.  This was not the Joker, at least not anymore; this was the devil.  I could recognize him from his appearance in my other dreams.  I grew a little anxious and angrier, lifted him up with one arm, repeatedly throwing his head into the concrete wall causing chunks of it to fall to the ground and crumble to dust.  He laughed repeatedly as I did this and his laughs turned into barks that you would hear from a Rottweiler.

The ground rumbled slightly.  I needed to kill this creature for good.  I grabbed him by his jacket collar, dragging him along the pier much to the horror of the people present (but had not been present before).  Shouts filled the air of how to deal with the devil but I walked intently toward a raised platform upon which stood an elevated metallic casket of sorts.  It was filled with boiling acid and without hesitation I threw the side of his face right up against the grate. A raspy scream mixed with more barking cut through the air but I would not release him.  I wanted to kill him and to make him suffer on his way to death.  I grit my teeth in anger and threw the rest of his body in and slammed it shut.

To the east a pale light filled the green swirling clouds.  The casket disappeared and it started to snow.  I was in the company of some soldiers like myself and we were quietly talking amongst ourselves as to where we should go.  Through the thick of clouds swirling above us, a bright circular light on the underside of a disc emanated fog and illuminated our position.  We grabbed our rifles and aimed but the disc would not stop moving around.  It seemed to roll as it moved back and forth.  I pulled my phone out and recorded this phenomena as a smaller light was dispatched from the disc and sped toward us.  It turned into a more cylindrical shaped object and latched onto the face of one of my comrades.  We quickly ran over to him to pry it from him but it zipped away before we could do anything.  His face was bruised and coated in some kind of fluid.  A loud, almost robotic exhaust noise filled the air and more slick and metallic objects in the shape of four legged animals with slightly elongated necks but no faces descended from the hovering craft and assaulted us.  They pinned down a few of my friends, “licking” them all over & covering them in that strange liquid as if they were marking them.  I tackled one and reached for my gun but it headbutted me, sending me flying a few feet through the air.  I was not sure how to harm these things as they had no face and no detail to them whatsoever.  They were smooth and metallic all over with no obvious weaknesses.  Simultaneously, they turned into globes of light and flew up into the craft, which quickly ascended and descended altitude over us.  I continued recording with my phone.  Within the blink of an eye, it was gone.

We gathered ourselves and checked each other over for injuries.  Everything seemed ok but we were slightly shaken up.  We were all wondering the same thing: what the FUCK just happened and what was that?  It wasn’t snowing anymore.  The clouds above us seemed impenetrable now but continued to slowly billow up and swirl around.  We moved out toward the cell towers on the other side of the bridge by us.  As we arrived, I noticed someone descending the tower the way a spider would.  I got the chills but also rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness of what was happening–so absurdly unbelievable it all was.  This “person” approached us, stern and cold.  It snatched one of my comrades, the leader, and he disappeared.  When the creature reappeared it asked us for our second in command.  I became nervous, thinking he might take me away, but everyone pointed to the soldier in our group that nobody was too fond of.  He was the unofficial second in command and gave a look of resignation to this creature and begrudgingly volunteered himself.  I slowly reached for my knife, intent on stabbing this creature to kill him and save my comrade but another friend of mind quickly grabbed my hand and shook his head no.  Another friend disappeared with the creature, leaving a bolt of horizontal lightning behind that lit up the clouds.  The night grew even darker.  We stared at one another with no idea what to do next, as this…..thing could seemingly be anywhere at any time. I woke up.


Urine-spouting Hermes wannabe.

February 21, 2011

I had a strange dream last night:

The cool white colors dominate the courtyard I am having lunch in with my friend, Brandon.  The cobblestone floor is slightly worn, like the walls, with bits of moss growing on the cracks.  The sky is clear overhead and piercing blue.  A chill goes up my spine, as it is early spring and the shade is far cooler than I would like.  I look out at the chairs in the sunlight and tell Brandon we are moving to that area but before we rise, a skinny, dark skinned boy with white patterns on his skin appears, standing on the tips of his toes, small wings beating furiously at his ankles.  He has no hair and no muscle definition; eyes colored red and glowing bright as fire.

Smoke appears over the walls off in the distance and gunfire cuts through the relative quiet in the courtyard.  This South American town is in utter upheaval and revolution.  The boy moves his arms and hands in an erratic fashion, causing his cheeks to puff out.  He stands on one foot and leans forward, his arms spread out and spits a watered down yellow fluid at me as if he were a fountain.  It hits me directly in the chest and from the smell of it, I guess it is urine.  Furious, I rise from my chair and run at the lad and he snaps into a fighting position and jumps at me, feet first.  Performing some kind of  Brazilian martial arts in slow motion, he knocks me off my feet and I crash into the stone wall behind me, my neck emitting a loud “crack” upon impact.  I become nervous, not sure how to beat him since I do not know martial arts.  Not deterred enough, I run at him a second time and land a solid punch on his left eye but he spins around and throws me back into that same wall.  He takes up the fountain pose and spews more fluid from his mouth and it hits me in the face this time, burning my eyes, making it hard to go after him.  I scream at him furiously, causing the stream coming from his mouth to become thicker; less like urine, and more like a citrus smelling fluid.

Everything stops for a brief moment–no sounds can be heard, nothing moves, everything is frozen in time.  When “time” resumes, he heaves as if about to throw up and his ankle wings beat at full speed, creating a high pitched humming sound, lifting him off a few inches from the ground.  An old man hobbles into the courtyard, unnoticed by this quasi-Hermes creature, and whispers to me to be still and raise my arms up and out if I want to save myself and banish the evil spirits in the boy attacking me.  I follow his instructions and the winged boy drops back to his feet.  He runs at me again but fails in his attempted attack.  He tries repeatedly to assault me but I keep my arms out and refrain from saying anything, staying calm as possible.  After what feels like almost an hour, the boy refrains from attacking me and instead paces back & forth impatiently.  A deep “crack” echoes up from the ground in the distance and he snaps his head to attention.  He smiles, holding his hand out to me, palm facing the sky and snaps his fingers, causing a flame the size of a grapefruit to appear in his palm.  Everything goes black.

I woke up.

The demon of Somalia

October 18, 2010

I had a strange dream last night:

The sun is at its highest in the sky and relentlessly pounding the dirt with a blistering heat. Before me are the sights of a run down, broken desert city, in the midst of ruin. Shanties crowd for space along the narrow streets. Needless to say, there is a lack of curb appeal here. Gun shots pop off about a mile away, followed by return gunfire and some shouting. A stranger runs into my line of sight and I stomp my foot into the ground, bringing up the crosshairs of a reticle. At the bottom of this scope are a list of weapons I may use. I blink at the one in the middle and hear the whooshing sound of a small rocket leaving me overhead and it slams into the frantic stranger, leveling him in an instant. 

I take off running through this maze of a city and suddenly there are hundreds of people running about, shooting at each other, beating each other in some desperate fight for survival. I am able to remain somewhat unnoticed and take down person after person in my crosshairs. There is an alley to my right that I squeeze into, hiding momentarily before rushing back out into the street to kill a group of four. I peer down the dirt road about a half mile and fire a barrage of small swords and knock another from his motorcycle, immediately appearing next to it, hopping on, and taking off. The bike is palm-sized but I am able to ride it nonetheless. A boy grows out from the grime of the side of a building and speaks to me in a guttural, strained voice. Fighting the urge to invite such a seemingly friendly demon for coffee, I pulled on the throttle to get away from it/him as quickly as possible but every half mile or so, he would appear off to the side of me and laugh first, then try and swipe at me to knock me off my micromachine crotch rocket.

I steer off a hill, catching a lot of airtime before crashing to the ground. My entire body feels like it is on fire. The boy devil approaches me, taking his time and I look at the bike, which is now in flames and I panic, knowing I have to get up and get away. There was little distance between us now and I yell something inaudible at the kid, somehow causing the bike to be “pulled” over to me and attach itself between my legs. It sits up, with me on it, and hits full throttle. I was gone from the bottom of that hill, making my way, full speed, on a bike that was now in flames. Every shanty and hut I drove past, the people would pour out from with the same face as that devil that had been pursuing me. Up ahead I noticed a long stretch of concrete road and as I approached it, everything went black.

I had a strange dream last night:

I see that I am at my old elementary school, Holly Hills and there are hundreds of people walking around, both inside and out. I get some information concerning a terrorist attack so i, with a handful of other gents, run to the far end of the school by the woods. The road turns to water as i climb the stairs of a small tower overlooking the approaching road. I look through my scope and wait, while the other guys tread the water with their guns pointed in the same direction. Within minutes, a few red Jeep Wranglers approach. A thick fog settles over us all so i switch my goggles to “ice” mode, turning the men in the jeeps into easily seen bright blue figures. My finger is lightly squeezing the trigger. I wait. The men in the jeeps are turned back after some arguing. I come down from the tower to re-group with the other guys. They say we should go back to the school but i disagree, saying we need a few men here just in case the jeeps come back. My advice is not taken so we all leave back to the school. 

Walking around the front area of the school, i hear rumbling in the distance. I look to where the tower is and see the jeeps roar into view, catching the attention of some other people walking around. A group of 40 hop out and set off a high-pitched signal and disappear. An explosion is heard in the distance, startling everyone. Then it hits home: simultaneous explosions rock the front area of the school and everybody panics. Civilians strapped with C4 to their bodies start screaming out phrases i don’t understand and blow themselves up, killing everybody around them. Bodies fly. Body parts fly. Fire, blood, smoke and explosions are everywhere. A girl that i am dating tries running toward me but continuously is prevented from reaching me due to the suicide bombers. I hear her screaming over everybody else. It makes me angry so i pull out my nickel-plated hand gun and, running low, taking aim, i shoot at the heads of the would-be suicide bombers that are in my way, leveling them and making a path to her.

I finally reach her and yell at her to get low and stay close to me. The windows of the front of the school blow out, and people with them. Their bodies are charred and some are on fire. I grab her hand and pull her as i run about the front of the school, trying to find a way to get in amidst all of the explosions still going off. I hear my sister yelling my name but i can’t see her. She comes out of the building, sobbing and i yell at her the same thing i did to the other girl with me.

A new entourage of jeeps arrive with men, who jump out. They run frantically into the thickest part of the crowd, followed by a loud crackle and a chain of massive explosions. So loud. My ears are ringing and my sister and the other girl sound far away when they yell even though they are right next to me. I grab my sister and hold her by her waist up against mine with the front side of her body facing the ground. As line of men charge at the three of us, a line of waiting school buses explode. I pull out my gun again and lay the remaining ones out. My sister and the other girl disappear.

I run back to the school through the front doors–which have been blown out and it’s filled with smoke. I find my ma and ask where dad is and she says he is outside waiting for me. The school is unrecognizable on the inside–walls are missing, desks, chairs, everything is on fire, holes in the roof, bodies everywhere. Compared to the mayhem outside, it’s rather quiet in the building aside from the crackling and popping of the fires burning. Eerie. I run to the back doors and a bright light flashes as i open them.

When i can see again, i run toward some tall, red brick walls and charge for them. They open up quickly and close just as quickly once i pass through. I find my dad, along with a large number of police, S.W.A.T. and military running about, talking, and looking over what look like maps. My dad is informing me what is going on as we make our way through the “complex”. Getting close to the exit doors, he and i get our knives ready; i am holstering the one that belonged to my great Grandad. Before exiting, a high-ranking S.W.A.T. officer tells me that i cannot go back to the school with my dad. Media helicopters can be heard overhead. I ask why but he only tells me i need to get to the airport. They boost me over the wall and i turn around, reaching through the iron bars of the door and stick out my hand. My dad grabs it and we give a firm handshake to each other and i choke up, knowing i likely won’t see him again. More explosions heard in the back round. Everything goes white.

I am running through a major airport–feels like Colorado or Arizona. Everyone else is calm. As i pull out my phone, the windows of the section i am in blow inward, shattering and scaring the shit out of everybody. Some fires burn outside of the airport. I try to find the terminal where my ma and sister are. I start texting my friend Brandon to tell him what happened at the Holly Hills school and that he needs to turn on the news. A large number of tv’s explode and fall to the floor and all i can think about is calling my ma to tell her i am ok. Some loud bangs are heard at the end of the airport and a crackling behind me. I turn around. Everything goes black. I wake up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was out at sea on a cruiser ship with some others. Some of the people jumped off the ship and swim with it but i did not, as i have a fear of being that far out in the ocean. The water was beautiful however, the color of sapphires. After awhile, the captain of the ship took it a bit deeper under the water so that the deck was almost parallel with the surface of the water. I asked him about the likely hood of sharks and no sooner than when he mentioned tiger and bull sharks did one show up alongside of the boat. I became just a little nervous, seeing that the deck was now submerged a foot or so under the water and the shark was swimming along side of it. I took a seat and watched as the captain turned the ship around, trying to get it away from the shark and felt its teeth sink into my hand a bit. I yelled out that the shark was biting and we needed to go, which kicked off this cat and mouse game of sorts between the captain and the shark. It go to the point where the captain would flip the ship or pull immediate 180’s but the shark was able to keep up. As the ship was handled like this a few people fell off and into the water, becoming a prey for the sea mammal though most of them were able to get back on. One of the people who turned out to be a celebrity (can’t recall whom) was not able to get back on so i waited for the next flip and when the captain did it, i reached into the water, grabbed her by the ankle and lifted her onto the deck, saving her from the shark’s attack. 

After a few more minutes of evasion the shark jumped onto the deck and was standing on 4 scaly legs. I laughed and then freaked out a bit, wondering aloud-and with plenty of expletives how a shark could do such a thing. I spear tackled it, wrestling with the beast and threw it back into the water but it swam back up to the surface and lept back onto the boat. At this point it looked kind of like my roommate’s boxer, Mason. I looked behind me and Mason was there growling at it and the shark-thing went after him. I intercepted it and it bit my arm causing it to gush blood so i pushed it back and started punching it in it’s face, driving it it the edge of the deck. Once again i knocked it back into the water but it came right back up, causing the captain to become frustrated and drive the ship to shore. I held the shark creature down until we arrived and had another person help me carry it across the sand to a table which i ordered to be cleared. I asked one of the men there to shoot this beast and put it out of it’s misery. He was hesitant but did so when i cleared off the table. One bullet was put through it’s head, the other through it’s chest and it slowly died. Everyone cheered but i felt a bit of sadness for it and walked it to the water and lowered it in, letting the ocean pull it back out.

My surroundings changed at that point. I was still by the shore at that point but the area behind me was grassy with a large white building sitting on the grass. Thousands were there-half of them celebrities and all were mourning over the shark. What looked to be a funeral pyre was being constructed by all of the attendees and it was made from a stick everyone held in their hand. The light colored ones were supposed to be thrown in first but i walked up and threw in mine which was tan. I stepped a few feet away from the pyre and looked back, noting that there was a large group of white celebrities gathered together and a same-size group of black ones. I went over to the black crowd and noticed a number of hip-hop and rap artists. They were all joking and having a great time and i joined in with them, commenting on Cam’rons sweet-ass solid gold glock he had at his front. I looked down at my front and noticed my own glock pushed into my pants. I became very happy at this and Cam’ron joked, asking me when i was going to need that since i lived in Sedona. I laughed and told him about this one time when i had to kill this strange shark creature thing with it and he shook his head in shock over the story.

It was getting late so we all took our leave, everyone splitting up into smaller groups and heading for some boats waiting for us at the dock. Once the boats were fully loaded, they took off with great speed and as we cruised through the water i noticed thousands of people stranded in the water. They were screaming with such fear and desperation it shook me to my very core. I asked about these people and was told that the Titanic had sunk and these people were left behind. I could feel thumps under our boat as it sped along…..the boats were driving right over some of the people. I felt sick. It was wrong. The boats sped to the next dock, where i changed over to another one to join my brother and sister. I saw my aunt and cousins on the boat next to me and my aunt looked shocked and not very responsive. I screamed her name as we pulled away but she didn’t respond. My screams were drowned out by the thousands stuck in the water again. I leaned back at struck up a humorous conversation with this black woman on the boat who apparently already knew me quite well. She made me feel less afraid. Afterward, i went to the middle of the boat and sat down with my sister and brother and we said nothing for the remainder of the boat ride. We pulled into the third dock and i woke up.

I had a strange dream last night:

I was walking through the fringes of a city close to the shore approaching a glass building. It was a beautiful day and everybody was for the most part going about their business happily. I entered this glass building and heard an alarm going off in one of the rooms. Curious, i went over to investigate to see if anybody was inside. I knocked and nobody answered so i opened the door myself and walked in. At first i didn’t see anybody inside as i walked through the room. I heard a faint voice speaking and he seemed to be having a conversation. I went to the back of the room and through another door and there was a tall man sitting with his back to the door talking on the phone. He sounded nervous and was whispering loudly into the phone, “We cannot tell anybody! It’s supposed to be kept secret! It doesn’t matter how many lives are lost!” 

That last line kicked up my inquisitiveness and it made me angry. I rapidly walked up to him, spun him around and got in his face and screamed, “These are PEOPLE you are talking about you f***!” He ran to the side of the room and got on his stomach, putting his face up against the glass and yelled that it was too late. The alarm stopped and all noise seemed to disappear as well so i ran to the glass and pushed myself between the window and some long golden plank of sorts that must have been 10 or 11 feet long. Apparently, when shit is about to hit the fan, stay by the glass-its…..safe?

Anyway, i looked out the window and the sky on the horizon darkened and immediately afterward i heard a high pitched whining sound. The glass shattered and fire engulfed the city in an explosion that seemed to level everything in it. I was blown back into the wall and crashed through it, hitting another wall and everything went black.

As i “came to” i heard that man again and he was talking normally on the phone. When i was able to open my eyes, he walked up to me and told me that the N. Koreans and Chinese had dropped a nuclear bomb on the city. The Federal government had made a deal with those 2 countries and sold it to them and were now blaming the two countries for a “terrorist attack” and declaring war on China and N. Korea. My blood boiled but i could not yet stand up, as it felt like my bones had shattered from being thrown through that wall. He knelt down and stared at me, he had such a sad look in his eyes and he said, “I know.” He touched my forehead and i was able to stand but felt extremely sick.

He told me i had to go home but i refused as i stumbled toward the window. All of the city before me was a broken shell. Everything was red and orange and emanating smoke. Bands of people were running all over the place, others were throwing up, and more were sobbing. I stepped out of the window and appeared on the ground. He yelled that all of the city’s inhabitants would get radiation sickness, myself included, but i gave him the finger and told him to go to hell.

I hit myself in the stomach and was able to run down one of the avenues-i had no idea where i was going, though. A strong, young looking man and a woman in a nun’s habit stepped out from the middle of nowhere and a doorway appeared next to them. They told me that i had to come with them. I entered the door and found myself in some bunker-looking place, but it was actually quite nice inside. They led me to a room where a few others were resting and i was able to clear my head to think about all that had just happened. I heard some ruckus outside in the hallway and went out to see what the problem was. There was another man there, clothes shredded, bruised, bleeding who was screaming about what had just happened. I felt a swell of anger in my chest and yelled for him to calm down. I explained to him what had happened, what that man in the glass office told me about the N. Koreans, Chinese, and how our government sold them the bomb with the intent to have it dropped on us. He turned ghost white and could do nothing but stare at me. I made a fist and hit the concrete wall, putting holes in them but could not scream as loud as my temper wished me to. Woke up.