Free falling to a freak anaconda.

December 21, 2010

I had a strange dream last night:

Free falling through the sky and fast approaching the ground….right before impact, a massive amount of water swells up over the dirt.  I grip a torso-sized 2 inch thick piece of wood paneling, press it to my chest and slam onto the surface, causing a small tidal wave to roar off in the opposite direction.  The water is quite warm but I am nervous about having my legs in it since I cannot see to the bottom.  I kick my legs in the direction of a cluster of pavilions floating on the water ahead of me causing a small number of waves to come crashing down around me, though I am able to keep my head above water while I use my breath to lift the wood panel from the water and toss me in the right direction.

Finally, I reach the dock area and it is populated with indigenous looking people, all of them smiling at me.  I find a table to sit at and patiently wait, though I am not sure for what.  A floating hand eases it’s way over to me, holding a plate full of cooked oysters and clams, and drops it in front of me and gestures a smile at me.  I am skeptical of the meal in front of me but, hungry from my earlier battle with the water so I dig in.  As my fork is about to pierce one of the clams, the shells separate from the meat and arrange themselves into the pattern marked on the inside of their hard tops.  I look up at the folk watching me and they all chuckle.  The plate disappears and I jump back into the water, resting my arms on the bench while making conversation with the people there.

A few minutes in, I am overcome with worry about an anaconda coming after me from under the water and I vocalize my concern.  I am told that there is an anaconda close by but it is in a fenced off area of the lake.  I look under the water and the fence does not go to the ground and I panic, jumping out of the water in anticipation of an assault.  They point to the area where the snake is being held and my relief is short lived, as it breaks down the fence and heads right at me.  It is only about a foot and a half long, white with a thick yellow stripe going down it’s back, 2 thin black stripes decorating the sides, and puffs its head up to twice the normal size when it opens it’s enormous mouth to attack; it has no teeth.  A loud hiss precedes it’s clamp down onto my arm.  I wave about, trying to throw it from me but it has a tight grip.  Nobody helps me with the exception of one fellow, who lassos some sort of humming device around the snakes neck, thinning it down to one third of the snake’s normal girth when it is calm.  Free of the anaconda, I run on the surface of the water to the front doors of a home sitting close by.  Within a meere couple feet form the entrance, the anaconda latches onto me again, only this time I throw myself on the ground, confusing it, an am able to get inside.

The house is enormous inside and extravagantly decorated, reminding me of a wealthy collector’s house.  Most of the hallways are filled with dim, indirect light and it smells musty and old.  Eventually I enter a grand hallway, three times as large as the others, with a shimmering white/blue light pouring in through the crystal windows running along the sides and ceiling.  I hear another hiss and the anaconda is back.  It barges at me full speed, I take off, and a full speed chase ensues.  For ten minutes we go room to room, always returning to the grand hallway before entering another set of ornate rooms.  After some more time passes and I am running through the grand hallways, I scream out to the snake that I hate it and a heavy door panel falls from the ceiling and lands with a clatter at my feet.  I quickly lift it up and haul it back, while the pursuing reptile charges at me.  With all of my strength I swing it forward, slamming it into the face of the anaconda creature, resulting in a cracking noise that not only sends it flying backwards, but splits the crystal ceiling in two.  From that point forward, the anaconda cowers around me and slithers off if I get too close.  I tell it to go to the double doors of the entrance and it eagerly obeys.  The ceiling is cracked, and I stare at it, wondering how it happened but am snapped out of my thoughtfulness by the hissing and chirping of the anaconda at the doors, warning me of an intruder.  I wake up.


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