The escape & death by Volkswagen.

December 8, 2010

I had a strange dream last night:

I had been in and out of my resort room a few times already.  The cleaning staff had begun to resent me for interrupting their cleaning everytime I barged back into my room.  This time I was packing my things up in a hurry, unsure of why I was leaving in such a rush.  I switched awareness every now and then as I packed, from myself in first person, to third person outside in the pouring rain, watching the Escalade that Brandon & Justine were sitting in, waiting for me.

Inside, a Carib woman and a young Asian man who had just been hired were hastily arranging my room.  My suitcase was packed and I had to change.  Realizing the urgency of the situation I stripped in front of them to put on a new pair of briefs and some jeans with a tshirt.  They didn’t notice, instead speaking to each other in their native languages.  How they understood one another was beyond me.  I ran out the door and into the torrential rain to the Escalade, throwing my suitcase in and then myself.  Brandon pulled off and there was not much conversation on the way to our destination.  Everything cut to black.

When I came to, I was outside of a 4 story adobe styled building with a beautiful staircase running along its side and palm trees everywhere.  Shaquille O Neil was shooting a commercial of some sort and was surrounded by hundreds of fans, all blowing into duck whistles and waving around long, red balloons.  The screech of tires snapped me out of my curiosity and Brandon yelled out that we had to get out of there immediately (apparently I had wandered into the wrong dream?).

Back in the SUV and speeding down a stretch of highway, I took in the cliche surroundings of green hills & plains dotted by a few trees, covered by a clear, beautiful blue sky.  It would have made for a relaxing drive if the sense of emergency was not infecting the atmosphere.  In the blink of an eye, the Escalade was airborne….upside down and engulfed in flames.  I watched the asphalt of the road get closer from the window on my side but right before we collided with the ground, we were all transported out of the vehicle to the shoulder of the road some 10 feet in front of the SUV.  Upon contact with the ground, it exploded, sending chrome covered marbles rolling up the road.

Brandon had disappeared and Justine and I were now far into the grassy plains standing outside of a concrete shack.  She stared ahead, frozen in fear, not responding to me when I called her name.  I looked ahead and running at us was a strange wolf creature of some sort.  It had a mane like a lion, hooves for feet, and a thick yellow stripe going down it’s back.  Aside from those usual wolf-like attributes, there was nothing distinct about it.  Oh, and it’s teeth were encrusted in some strange diamond substance (Lemme see ya grill?)

I told Justine not to worry and ran toward the wolf, expecting that my courage was enough to slay a mythical beast.  Wrong.  It crashed into me, knocking me off my feet, reared its head back, roared, and dove toward my neck to feast on me.  Without thinking I quickly grabbed it by the neck and squeezed, causing a pop noise to send it into the embrace of death.  I rolled over, pushing its deadweight form from my body and ran over to Justine to check on her.  Tears ran down her cheeks but she didn’t make any noise.  As I brushed myself off, I said,

“See, Justice?  You just need to exhibit some aggression in life and send a message.”

“Yea… are aggressive, Alec.” she responded.

I was taken aback by her comment, as it sounded more like constructive criticism than a compliment.

Off in the distance we saw a shepherd walking a pack of his wolf creatures and approached him warily.  He assured us we would not be attacked again and explained to us where we were.  He pointed west, to a gargantuan electrical grid and disappeared along with Justine.  I stared at the structure for a few minutes, watching the jolts of electricity rise up between the antennae and could hear the hum of it.  I decided against going into the building, as I had a bad feeling about it.

To the east of the grid was the outline of a very old car, 3 times the size of a normal automobile.  The thought of being next to it transported me there and I circled it curiously, wondering why someone would build a vehicle this large and what it was meant for.  It had the Volkswagen logo on the back.  I hopped inside to check things out and Brandon approached the car, following suit.  After a few minutes of study, we realized nothing could be done with it so left through the front end.

As we were about to exit, Brandon noticed an old yellow button sitting atop a voltage reader on the drivers side of the car.  Before I could say anything, he pushed it and the needle  evaporated.  A humming sound filled the air and our hairs stood on end.  We were both lifted off our feet as tens of thousands of volts of electricity tore through our bodies.  Brandon’s face was strained & contorted and he grit his teeth while screaming through them.  I imagine my face looked similar, though I noticed he had far more electricity burning through his body since he was the one that pushed the button.  I tried to scream his name to get his attention but it was too overwhelming for him.  His body began to smoke and all I could think about was wanting a pair of rubber gloves to touch the door handle with so we could escape.  I woke up.


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