Death is not so bad when you discover you’re not alive.

November 28, 2010

I had a strange dream last night:

I’m dead. I am not quite sure how, but I am somewhat see through and floating and laugh at this cliche. I look out before me and see mountains and shrubbery.

“Yes, you are dead.”

So says a childhood friend of mine who I have not seen in 10 years, causing me to look back at her. We walk along the dusty mountain path discussing the recent realization of my current circumstances. I bombard her with questions concerning what I can and cannot do being dead. I cannot fly, but I can jump extremely high and glide down. Disappointment! I continue to ask her things while we walk past a beautiful tan mountain face and it immediately grabs my attention. I grab her hand and pull her back and we have a seat against some rocks and stare at it in silence. A few people walk by including a man with an Irish Wolfhound which drags him all over the trail, culminating in him getting the choke chain caught around his thigh and being pulled around while laughing. That’s not strange at all.

We pass by a small shack and I head into a cave by myself and head down some winding stairs with no rail guard to hold on to. I thought I was not in need of light to see where I am going, and so I ask her midway down the steps. She told me that even though I am dead, I need light to see and asks me to look for the blue beads. Right then, I notice a blue bead pulsating a few feet in front of me. After approaching it, I touch it with my foot and it flashes. I reach down to pick it up and it expands into the size of a classroom globe, rising up off the dirt to eye level with me and casts a luminous blue/white glow in the cave. I head back up the stairs and pick up little beads of light along the way so I can see where I am going and all of them react to my touch in the same manner as the first one.

I exit the cave but immediately find another one and she comes in with me. The same thing happens. I find beads of light and touch them to illuminate different parts of the cave. I end up in what I believe to be the middle of the cave and cannot find anything to light it up. I hear a low whisper emanating from the sand beneath my feet. I move the sand out of the way with my hands and sitting there is a gold bead of light and it looks like it is filled with electricity. I pick it up and look closely at it and right as it disappears, it fills the middle section with a gold light, exposing the Sphinx that is sitting at my feet. It is motionless but I can hear its heart beating. Next to it is a statue of the Egyptian Queen Nerfertiti, on her belly with a pole extending from her mouth. I push the pole toward her and it emits a rumbling sound. 2 garage doors open up on the far side of the room, giving a breathtaking view of the desert and mountains outside. My friend and I marvel at the ingenuity of the ancients and their accomplishment of motorized garage door openers.

We head back to the entrance of the cave but more beads of light pop up and lead us to a market selling medicinal oils, incense and other medically-related products. I search through the oils, looking for the “Young Living” brand and find some cinnamon oil, myrrh, and frankincense. I ask the vendor to place them aside for me for later when I return, which he willingly does. I continue to browse and I feel a weight in my hand; opening my palm I see a fistful of gold. I wake up.


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