Elementary school terrorist attack.

February 25, 2010

I had a strange dream last night:

I see that I am at my old elementary school, Holly Hills and there are hundreds of people walking around, both inside and out. I get some information concerning a terrorist attack so i, with a handful of other gents, run to the far end of the school by the woods. The road turns to water as i climb the stairs of a small tower overlooking the approaching road. I look through my scope and wait, while the other guys tread the water with their guns pointed in the same direction. Within minutes, a few red Jeep Wranglers approach. A thick fog settles over us all so i switch my goggles to “ice” mode, turning the men in the jeeps into easily seen bright blue figures. My finger is lightly squeezing the trigger. I wait. The men in the jeeps are turned back after some arguing. I come down from the tower to re-group with the other guys. They say we should go back to the school but i disagree, saying we need a few men here just in case the jeeps come back. My advice is not taken so we all leave back to the school. 

Walking around the front area of the school, i hear rumbling in the distance. I look to where the tower is and see the jeeps roar into view, catching the attention of some other people walking around. A group of 40 hop out and set off a high-pitched signal and disappear. An explosion is heard in the distance, startling everyone. Then it hits home: simultaneous explosions rock the front area of the school and everybody panics. Civilians strapped with C4 to their bodies start screaming out phrases i don’t understand and blow themselves up, killing everybody around them. Bodies fly. Body parts fly. Fire, blood, smoke and explosions are everywhere. A girl that i am dating tries running toward me but continuously is prevented from reaching me due to the suicide bombers. I hear her screaming over everybody else. It makes me angry so i pull out my nickel-plated hand gun and, running low, taking aim, i shoot at the heads of the would-be suicide bombers that are in my way, leveling them and making a path to her.

I finally reach her and yell at her to get low and stay close to me. The windows of the front of the school blow out, and people with them. Their bodies are charred and some are on fire. I grab her hand and pull her as i run about the front of the school, trying to find a way to get in amidst all of the explosions still going off. I hear my sister yelling my name but i can’t see her. She comes out of the building, sobbing and i yell at her the same thing i did to the other girl with me.

A new entourage of jeeps arrive with men, who jump out. They run frantically into the thickest part of the crowd, followed by a loud crackle and a chain of massive explosions. So loud. My ears are ringing and my sister and the other girl sound far away when they yell even though they are right next to me. I grab my sister and hold her by her waist up against mine with the front side of her body facing the ground. As line of men charge at the three of us, a line of waiting school buses explode. I pull out my gun again and lay the remaining ones out. My sister and the other girl disappear.

I run back to the school through the front doors–which have been blown out and it’s filled with smoke. I find my ma and ask where dad is and she says he is outside waiting for me. The school is unrecognizable on the inside–walls are missing, desks, chairs, everything is on fire, holes in the roof, bodies everywhere. Compared to the mayhem outside, it’s rather quiet in the building aside from the crackling and popping of the fires burning. Eerie. I run to the back doors and a bright light flashes as i open them.

When i can see again, i run toward some tall, red brick walls and charge for them. They open up quickly and close just as quickly once i pass through. I find my dad, along with a large number of police, S.W.A.T. and military running about, talking, and looking over what look like maps. My dad is informing me what is going on as we make our way through the “complex”. Getting close to the exit doors, he and i get our knives ready; i am holstering the one that belonged to my great Grandad. Before exiting, a high-ranking S.W.A.T. officer tells me that i cannot go back to the school with my dad. Media helicopters can be heard overhead. I ask why but he only tells me i need to get to the airport. They boost me over the wall and i turn around, reaching through the iron bars of the door and stick out my hand. My dad grabs it and we give a firm handshake to each other and i choke up, knowing i likely won’t see him again. More explosions heard in the back round. Everything goes white.

I am running through a major airport–feels like Colorado or Arizona. Everyone else is calm. As i pull out my phone, the windows of the section i am in blow inward, shattering and scaring the shit out of everybody. Some fires burn outside of the airport. I try to find the terminal where my ma and sister are. I start texting my friend Brandon to tell him what happened at the Holly Hills school and that he needs to turn on the news. A large number of tv’s explode and fall to the floor and all i can think about is calling my ma to tell her i am ok. Some loud bangs are heard at the end of the airport and a crackling behind me. I turn around. Everything goes black. I wake up.


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