Solar eclipse signifying a geological cataclysm.

February 13, 2010

I had a strange dream last night:

Standing in the middle of an expansive field with patches of wheat growing, i looked west. The sun was nine times it’s size–a deep orange color with the center blacked out by a planet. I was in awe. There was a bright ring surrounding it from which “arms” of light lashed out from. I desperately searched for my camera or phone to record it but couldn’t find either. A great many of the people present began to panic and i heard somebody yell out “2012!” but i glared at them, scoffing at their hysteria and inability to remain calm and collected. There was a monk standing next to me and i asked what was happening to our sun. He replied “This is all” and then he ran at full speed toward the sun. 

The scenery changed and i was at my old house on Lawrence Lane. My family was packing the SUV to get out of there. I helped and so did my friend Mike. Instead of getting into the car, we all ran out back but the backyard was our yard from another house we had lived in when i was a child. As we approached a fence, i noticed i was carrying a tray of uncut brownies so yelled at my friend Mike to cut them into squares. He did so with his finger. Weird. A finger? Yea, a finger.

We ran through that person’s backyard and jumped into the SUV and took off. My dad was driving like a madman. After 10 minutes of driving i looked to my left and saw a gigantic cathedral crumble and collapse into dust as the gong of it’s bells could be heard.

Not long after that, we were on I-17, leaving Arizona. I watched on my left as geysers exploded as we drove past them, commenting on it to everyone in the car. An intense sadness overcame me as i realized we were leaving Arizona–even though we had to if we wanted to survive.

Dad’s driving was freaking out my ma but he didn’t seem to hear her protests to slow down; he wove out into the oncoming traffic lane to pass a car and just barely squeezed through the two cars. Roadblocks popped up ahead of us–concrete barriers, causing us to swerve back and forth. Others’ hadn’t been so lucky and their cars were wrecked. After passing through them all, one last one popped up and it had black spots all over it, which my dad avoided but we went off the bridge. My mom screamed and i kind of chuckled over the absurdity of everything that had happened thus far. The vehicle slammed into the river and i yelled out “I love manual windows!” and rolled mine down to get everyone out. Everything went black.


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