Writing on the walls, 1984, and Emyn Muil-ish.

May 19, 2009

I had a strange dream last night:

I was standing in the courtyard outside my bedroom but it was 5 times as large and full of people. I noticed along the overhangs, there were some words carved into the wood, some on paper and some made out of random materials such as stacked books. I read it a few times and on the fourth time i was utterly shocked. It stated that the republic had been hijacked on purpose and was going to be destroyed. I looked back out at the crowd and there were a lot of politicians walking about and talking with people, smiling. 

“Listen to me! Our country has been assaulted from within!” i screamed at the crowd and everyone stopped and stared at me. I went into a frenzy trying to explain to them what was happening and pointed to those words i had read, only this time, some of the words were missing so i tried finding the clues to them and putting them together. Some people thought me paranoid and crazy and others believed me and became just as enraged. When i was working on finding the 5th word i was escorted inside a building by men in some nice suits. The building had red type walls but nothing in it except the black guy Charles from “The Office”. Not a random character at all, obviously. He was sitting in a chair staring at me and i was screaming at him that i found out what was happening. He shook his head and i yelled out “long live the republic!” As i yelled that out, a large metal door opened at the far side of this empty room and the men in suits tried pushing me in but i jammed my elbow into the wall and was only halfway in. After a big struggle, and more men in suits they shoved me into the room and it went black.

When i could see again i was sitting amidst some sexless nude humans with shaved heads, all of whom were holding pencil-thin metal rods that were somehow connected to their brains. I noticed i was holding one as well. I asked what they were but got no response, the other people would not talk. We all stood up and walked outside where it was rocky, barren and reddish brown. My friend Maria came over one of the hills, wearing a red dress and told me she was saving me and i had to follow her. I looked at the little metal rod i had in my hand and threw it into the air and it exploded. Woke up.


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