Sex outdoors, tourists, and the lord of drugs.

May 12, 2009

I had a strange dream last night:

I walked into my bedroom and there was this beautiful girl in my bed having sex with some guy. She looked at me and told me to join and i didn’t think twice. I pushed the other guy out of my bed and sent him to my bathroom to stay. I’ll spare the details but it was amazing. We took a break and we both went into the bathroom to wash our faces and there was a shower head hanging over my sink, which i used to clean away the Irish Spring soap. After drying off, we both went back into my bed to mess around some more but we were no longer in my bed. We were on a trail out by the red rocks and there were LOTS of people out hiking that day, which i commented on and was a little pissed about since it didn’t give us much privacy. 

We were actually moving along the trail at quite a speed while having sex and when we began going uphill i would have to push us up with my hands and she was trying to steer us away from the people on it. Nobody seemed to look twice when we passed them. Finally, we stood up and i wrapped the blanket around my waist . She had on a tiny pink bathing suit and asked if she could use the blanket as well, which i was happy to share. We semi-awkwardly hiked up the trail and approached a couple of huge groups of people. Hearing a noise beside us in the brush we stopped. A Javelina burst from the shrubs, chasing a long green lizard. The lizard would jump out of harm’s way every time the javelina tried to grab it with it’s mouth. After a minute or so the lizard jumped onto the back of the wild pig and, spreading its legs, grabbed onto it’s fur like a cowboy holding the reins on a horse. We laughed hysterically as the javelina bucked and shook, trying to get the lizard ff of its back but it didn’t work. It ran past me, brushing against my leg and i screamed, “Gross! I have pig on me!” Nobody laughed. Neither did i actually, it wasn’t even supposed to be funny i don’t think. I am much more funny in real life, though.

Continuing up the trail we came to a creek crossing that lead to an area that reminded me of Cathedral rock. My boxers turned to a bathing suit and i jumped in. The girl was still behind me a bit but when she caught up, she crossed over the rocks and went straight up over the bridge that was above us. I instead took the stairs at the creek level, but not before first exploring the area under the bridge. There were people above me jumping from the bridge into the water and families all over the place; it turned into a tourist hotspot. I started my climb up the stairs and was closely followed by this other annoying girl who wouldn’t give me any damn space. I told her to get the hell out of my aura and she just giggled.

Arriving at the top, i went right and the girl went left, which is where my family was. I walked into an open building area full of restaurants and walked the length of it and then back to the bridge. I was about to cross it but i appeared down at the creek again; there was a huge open and red rock area where people were lounging. I made my way across it all and found my family and took a seat. We watched as people swung from a rope, dropping and diving into the swimming hole below. Mildly entertaining. I noticed 6 airplanes in the sky about 2 miles off and asked my ma what kind they were. She said they were British fighter planes from World War 1. They came screaming in, ducking under the bridge and i picked up a replica of them from the rock next to me and threw it into the water. Everything faded out.

It was dark now and i was in an apartment with my family watching tv. It was a mundane but still enjoyable night. I stepped outside to get some fresh air and a some black guy was approaching me. He didn’t look very friendly. I said “what’s up” to him and he stopped, staring at me and said, “I need to rob this apartment”. I chuckled and asked if he always told people he was going to rob them before he actually did it. He laughed and i told him it was not a good idea and would not end well for him. He looked at me thoughtfully and asked if i had some ‘blow’ on me that he could have instead. So, wanting to protect my family, i told him to wait where he was and i went into the apartment. I grabbed a joint from this little box my sister had and brought it out and gave it to him. Smiling, he thanked me and walked away. I followed him to a white truck and asked if he planned on robbing anymore. He was angered by this and said, “If you buy me some beer i will leave you alone”. I responded that i would not bribe him for my safety. We jumped out of the truck and i asked him why he was angry all of the time, to which he responded, “Look at my lifestyle. I can’t afford to be nice”. I tried convincing him to leave that life behind but he said, “Ha! I can’t stop, C would kill me”. I told him we all have a choice and he should make the right one.

We ended up across the street from my apartment and as we were speaking, a car pulled up and my friend Brandy walked past us with 2 bags of groceries, which she dropped. The drug-lording fellow said something mean to her but i helped her pick them up. She got in the backseat and i put her groceries next to her and said, “He can be a dick sometimes but he’s ok”. Brandy hadn’t realized it was me until that point and smiled as i shut the door and the car pulled off. I watched the car disappear into the night and when i looked down, i was carrying two bags of groceries myself.

I headed back to the apartment and suddenly there were police cars, ambulance, and fire trucks everywhere and people were rushing madly about. I thought they had come to arrest that drug-selling guy so pretended i was just coming home from the grocery store. I noticed though, that they were all rushing into my apartment. I was terrified because there were more EMT’s going in than any police or fire fighters. I looked upstaris into my apartment and they were carrying a body with a bloody noise down the stairs on a huge piece of paper with my ma’s handwriting on it. A closer look revealed that it was her. I dropped my groceries and covered my mouth and screamed in fear, sobbing hysterically. After they were out, i ran upstairs and, trying to make my words make sense, i asked what happened. My sister and dad weren’t crying, they actually seemed calm and a little puzzled as to my reaction. They said ma had a heart attack, at which point i jumped down the stairs and into the back of the ambulance. Woke up.


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