Observer of the Roman Senate.

April 27, 2009

I had a strange dream last night:

I was sitting on the steps of a Roman forum. It was full of senators, half of which had a red stripe on their white toga, the other half had a blue stripe. There was a lot of yelling going on, lots of noise and i could not hear what any one person was saying. A man stood up from the middle, his toga had a black stripe on it, towering above the rest of the forum and boomed at me, stating “they are setting me up and this is how it must go. They don’t know what they are doing”. 

A rift formed on the middle of the steps and the senators divided into 2 groups, still screaming at each other. I wished they would all just shut the fuck up-the noise was far too distracting to get anything productive accomplished. The half of the room with the red-stripe senators broke into 3 smaller groups, and the one closest to me called me over. They were talking about an assassination (i guessed at this point it was concerning a Caesar-type of person). The blue-striped side separated into 4 groups and were discussing a similar thing. They both seemed to be whispering about murdering the same person. I was never told who this person was, and anytime i asked they all just smiled at me.

The forum grew darker; it was like there was a pale moon light shining down into the forum-you could hardly see the people themselves, just the toga’s and hear their whispering. A flash of light filled the room and everyone took their seat and stopped speaking. The rift that had formed in the middle of the forum stairs was now blacker than night itself-it had turned to a void and nobody could cross it. I approached it and that figure that had earlier towered over the forum was now visible again, coming from the void. He was now wearing a laurel wreath around his head and moving his lips but i could not hear him speaking. Woke up.


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