Elemental example.

April 25, 2009

I found this as i was going through some of my journals that i was writing in when i lived in NYC. I forgot how much i hated my living situation there, the depression i was struggling with, and how it influenced my dreams. I have long since overcome the depression but sometimes it is interesting to go back and read these things. It’s kinda like time travel: 

“Walking a wild path in the grey mountains; it is overcast and spitting rain, fog is everywhere. I hear rumors of something called the sun. Memories of it haunt my mind but i have been down here so long that it no longer seems real. It is eerily quiet other than a dreary wind splitting through the grey haze that enshrouds all things down here. The mountains have lost their majestic pose and now only seem to groan under their own weight. Having lost their rich earth tone, they pale into a tired silver that lacks vibrancy. It’s cold. I look out to my right and see a bottomless pit of the unknown and despair-held in place by blankets of mist that bob lazily within their boundaries-shrugging off my gaze. I look up into the sky, the sky whose light is muted by clouds of melancholy. The path before me slowly ascends but from a distance appears to stay level….never rising to a place greater than this.”

*poetry club finger snaps*


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