Animated shirts, my best friend, and stuck in a Star Wars-ish video game.

April 25, 2009

I had a strange dream last night:

I was in what appeared to be a bedroom of sorts and the tv was on. There was a kid in there wearing a black shirt and in this middle of his shirt there was a small white box with another person in it shooting a pistol but he couldn’t control it and was flailing his arms everywhere. I found this hilarious and so did my best friend Brandon and we both began laughing hysterically. The kid with the shirt looked at us and was not sure why we were laughing so much. I also noticed Justine was there. When she looked over at me the walls disappeared and all of us were outside and it was night time. 

We were all walking along a fence , on our side there was a lot of trees and shrubs, some of which were bare. The other side of the fence was just grass and some concrete. I was talking with them and Justine’s sister Megan came up behind me. I was mid-sentence and started laughing again about that kid’s shirt which made Brandon start to crack up as well. After i had composed myself, Megan, Justine, and Brandon asked why i was here with them. I became sad and told them that i always feel so conflicted about why i am here and that i want to move back to New jersey to be able to see them all again. They smiled.

Everything went black for a few minutes and when i could see again i was in an apartment i did not recognize. 3 people were there, including my brother and we were all in some type of video game, We were fighting an evil man that reminded me of the Emperor guy from Star Wars. When i realized how to harm him, i tried switching my character but the Emperor threw a temper and so i quit.

I left that apartment and went to my own. As i opened the door, the girl who played the Emperor character appeared next to me and seemed apologetic for throwing such a fit. I invited her in and went to my bathroom to arrange some shampoo bottles and she watched me do it for some reason. Must have been like watching some intense Jenga competition.

Anyway, i left the bathroom and went to the bedroom where a female roommate of mine tackled me to the floor. Laying on top of me, i grabbed her close and we stayed like that for a moment. I let her go and the other girl came in and i was speaking to the two of them but at this point was buzzed. My speech was a bit slurred and i was explaining to them why i no longer tell people about what i believe and what had happened to me a few years ago to cause me to refuse to tell people. Woke up.


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