Even telekinetic college kids like normal activities.

April 22, 2009

I had a strange dream last night:

I was was walking back to New Jersey from Sedona, Arizona though i am not sure what neighborhood i was now in. It was a beautiful day, lots of grass and big old trees throughout this neighborhood. Kids were out and about playing, and i was approaching what seemed to be 2 college kids throwing a football around. The kid closest to me caught it and threw it back but the second time he missed it and it landed by me. I decided to give the guy across the lawn some exercise so punted the football and it went way over his head and past him. There was a distance indicator by the football and i was able to tell how far it was from me and how high. It disappeared behind some tall but neatly trimmed shrubs with a thud from landing on something and that kid told me i had to go get it. Fair enough. However, he went to go look for it anyway. 

I went behind the shrubs and i could not believe my eyes. The ball had not yet landed apparently and the kid who went to get it had his arms up slightly and palms stretched out and the football was slowly floating toward him. My jaw about hit the floor. He turned around and saw me and tried to play the whole thing off but i walked up to him and grabbed his arm and told him i could do similar things. He looked very unsure of me as i told him that i could dream about the future and so i told him i could do the same thing that he just did but had trouble doing it at will sometimes. He laughed skeptically but i told him i would prove it to him.

We walked back out onto the lawn and his friend ran up to us. His friend knew what he could do and it didn’t seem to bother him. The kid with the football in his hands told me he could help me, that i just needed practice. We both looked to the south and saw a cluster of lights flying by just above the trees. As he looked at them, they stopped, reversed direction and then continued onward. He told me to do it, to just concentrate very hard so i tried. The lights stopped, reversed direction, exploded into smaller clusters and then sped off. I was ecstatic! Not only did i do it but i remembered exactly HOW, so that in the future i would not have much difficulty doing it again. We high-fived each other and he asked if i wanted to stay a bit and throw the football around with him and his buddy. I told him i could stay for a bit.

He gave the ball to his friend and his friend threw it to me. I threw it back deep but he didn’t catch it. As he went to fetch it, the other kid who could do these amazing things ran up to me, lifted his arms with his palms pointed at me and all of this stuff came out of his hands and reminded me of the colors you see when oil is sitting in a puddle of water. I turned my back to him as his other friend approached us with a quizzical look on his face. I looked at my palms, raised them a bit and concentrated. The energy coming from that kids hands began flowing into mine and the harder i concentrated the more efficient i was at absorbing and directing it into my hands. After a minute or two we all started laughing due to the intensity of the energy; it began crackling and transforming into deep blues, purples and other colors that i didn’t actually recognize from the color spectrum. Everything went black and i woke up.


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