Some fatass spirit thought me a bench to sit on. Wtf?

April 21, 2009

I had a strange dream last night:

It was late into the night as i looked out my window and noticed no light coming from the stars, though they were visible. I looked down from my window to my desk where my iMac was sitting beside a black flat-panel monitor. In the kitchen i could hear my brother and roommate talking about me so i moved closer to my door to hear them, though i could not make out what they were saying. I looked back at my desk and the computer and monitor were not in the same place, they were placed against the wall to the left, still on the desk, under a carving that my Grandad did of a lion’s head sitting above a crown. I thought it strange so walked to my desk and put them back where they were just minutes earlier. 

Wanting to see if that would happen again, i walked to the door and waited briefly before turning around. When i did, they had been moved again to that same spot. Something i could not see was moving them and i could feel it’s presence in my room. Nevertheless i put them back in their appropriate spot; i called my brother into my room to tell him what was going on. He did not believe me at first so i shut the door and had he and i wait by it. When we both looked back, not only had the computer and monitor been moved just like the last 2 times, but there were wood splinters the length of chopsticks laying on the desk, beneath the window that sat behind the left side of the desk. Appropriately terrified, my brother ran out of the room; on his way out, my closet door opened and the light went on.

Everything faded to black and i woke up from my dream(not dreaming anymore). Trying to stretch, i could hardly move. I tried opening my eyes but couldn’t; i tried moving my arms but could hardly do that as well. It felt as if my wrists, elbows, knees and ankles were bound together by some kind of glue and my body would not respond to anything i tried to do. I could move my eyes but not open my lids. Slowly….ever so slowly i was able to raise my arms but it felt like i was pinned down by something. No part of my body was “asleep” so i became a little concerned. At that time i tried moving my legs but could only raise them as fast as my arms, which i could not pull apart one from the other. In my mind and slightly audible i heard something screaming at me but couldn’t decipher the words. I kept thinking, “Get the fuck off of me! I am trying to get up!” but i still could not move faster than a few centimeters per second.

I put my arms down and relaxed my body and went back to sleep for maybe 5 minutes. When i woke up again, i tried moving by rolling over but couldn’t. Again i tried stretching my arms but the same thing started happening. After a few minutes of going through this again i became angry and just thought very hard, “I am getting up” and was able to move a little faster. Putting all of my thought into it, after 10 minutes or so i was able to “free” myself completely and stretch normally. I got out of bed and looked around the room, thinking about what had just happened. What the hell am i supposed to make of all that?


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